How to Create and Customize a Drop-Down List in Google Docs

Drop-down lists are convenient tools for data entry. They give you a choice of input, which prevents misspellings, errors and unwanted entries. Google Docs offers predefined and custom drop-down lists suitable for all types of documents.

Using these lists in Google Docs, you can answer a question, select a status for a project or task, choose a menu item, location, and more. Whether your Google Doc is for yourself, your team, or a wider audience, take advantage of drop-down lists for data entry.


Insert drop down list in Google Docs

Placez le curseur à l'endroit où vous souhaitez faire apparaître la liste déroulante.
Dans le menu supérieur, cliquez sur Insertion > Liste déroulante.
Choisissez une option prédéfinie ou cliquez sur "Nouvelle liste déroulante" pour commencer à créer une liste personnalisée.

Whether you want to use a predefined or custom drop-down list in your document, you’ll insert it the same way. So open your document and select where you want to insert the dropdown. You can place it anywhere in the text or inside a table.

Select Insert > Drop-Down List from the menu.

Drop-down list in the Insert menu

You will then see the predefined options as well as an option to create your own list. To display items from a predefined list, hover your cursor over it.

Dropdown options in Google Docs

If you prefer to create your own drop-down list, choose “New drop-down list”, then follow the next steps.


Create a custom drop-down list

With the box for the new drop-down list open, start by giving your list a name. You’ll notice it says “Template”, which means you can reuse or modify your new list later.

Name a new drop-down list

Then grab each item in the list and assign it a color.

Items and colors in a drop-down list

To add other elements, click on “New option”. Then enter the name of the element and choose a color for it.

Add another list item

To delete an item, click the trash can icon on the right.

Finally, if you want to rearrange the order of items, select the grid icon on the left, then drag and drop it where you want it in the list.

Swipe to rearrange list items

When you’re done, click “Save,” then test your new drop-down list if you like.

Custom Dropdown in Google Docs

Customizing a predefined or existing drop-down list

As of this writing, there are two presets for Project Status and Review Status, with four list items each. You can use any of them if it suits your document or select one and customize it if you want to change it.

Don’t forget that you can also follow these steps to edit a custom drop-down list that you created. This allows you to use more than one custom list with slight modifications if desired.

If you haven’t already, choose the predefined list you want to use in the document. Select the drop-down list to display its items. Choose “Add/Edit Options” at the bottom of the list.

Add, edit options in drop down list

To keep this list separate, give it a different name. You can then edit the current items in the list, choose different colors, rearrange items, and add or remove items from the list.

Customizing the predefined drop-down list

Click “Save” when you’re done, then select the listing to see the changes.

Custom predefined drop down list in Google Docs

Drop-down lists make data entry easier for everyone, so consider using one in your next Google Doc.

For help with other types of lists in Google Docs, learn how to create multilevel lists or how to add a prefix or suffix to a list.

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