How to deal with the explosion of the volume of data in companies?

As revealed the forecasts published by Statista’s Research department in March 2022, the volume of data generated worldwide is expected to exceed 180 zettabytes by 2025, an average annual growth of nearly 40% over five years. A real gold mine for companies, provided that this data is well exploited.

Disseminate the culture of data…

The explosion in the volume of data in companies leads to difficulties in processing it. Many of them are not used or usable because of poor quality. Indeed, not all professions are yet sufficiently acculturated to data and to the fact that the quality of the information transmitted must be a common concern. This is why it is crucial for companies to set up real change management with the dissemination of this culture at all levels. This notably involves training, raising awareness and communication between the various departments in order to give meaning to the data processed by each business line and that everyone can understand the analysis process. It is only if there is a good understanding of the usefulness of the data and its challenges by the employees in the field that they will be able to increase their vigilance. Thus, the data transmitted will be of high quality and usable.

The culture of data is spreading more and more in companies and the changes are starting to be felt, as evidenced by the new data services. But is it still necessary that the management controller, the departments and the field professions collaborate?

…with the management controller as conductor

Data represents an extremely voluminous flow of information to be processed. Regardless of the size of the company, bringing them together and consolidating them is often a sprawling task for the management controller. But the latter, helped by new technologies, is now seeing his profession transform. In particular, he is asked to do data management and become the “keeper of time”, like an orchestra conductor, because unstructured data scattered all over the place between services and tools slows down considerably their operation.

Its role is therefore set to evolve and to work more with the business departments, which then become true “performance partners”. The management controller must accompany them, raise their awareness upstream and configure the data management environment with both them and the IT department so that the company’s data project runs smoothly. Indeed, a data project cannot operate in silos and must be done in the most transversal way possible.

While new solutions are emerging, particularly in the United States with the appearance of digital assistants to help co-pilot companies, it is essential to remember that data processing is not just a question of technology. . The real subject is support for change, and this will for a long time pass through the management controller, who has a crucial role in communication in the company. Technology is certainly a vector of transformation of the profession but it will not replace it anytime soon.

Thierry Luthi

Tribune by Thierry Luthi, President of Report One

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