How to Effectively Train in Blockchain Technology in 2023?

Do you want to specialize in the blockchain ecosystem? Find out what blockchain-related training courses are available today, whether they are available on the Internet or whether they are diplomas from specialized institutions. Here is our pick of the best training courses available today to build expertise in blockchain technology.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem is unique and interesting as it is still completely innovative, and that it is one of the environments where diplomas are not essential to start a professional activity.

That’s why today it’s quite possible Self-taught training in “blockchain professions”. There are many tools available on the Internet for this purpose, which we detail in this article.

In addition, diploma solutions exist today like the Alyra School or the École Polytechnique Executive EducationInstitutions that offer distance learning courses that allow you to build a wealth of solid and recognized knowledge.

The tools available today to train on the blockchain:

course name training price Graduate Education specialization Access
Crypto Zombies Free nope Learning the Solidity language Access CryptoZombies
Open classrooms Free Yes (paid) but free training accessible Various languages ​​(Python, Git, C, etc.) Go to OpenClassrooms
Free code camp Free nope Mainly Python, but also HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, etc. Access to the Free Code Camp
Knot Guardian Free nope Solidity and general blockchain knowledge Access Node Guardian
Alira Paid (but CPF eligible) Yes Ethereum-centric blockchain expertise Access to Alyra
Polytechnic Executive Education Paid (but CPF eligible) Yes Comprehensive blockchain know-how for use in companies Access the Blockchain Starter Program

Alyra, Blockchain Ecosystem Integration Training ⛓️

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Where do I start to learn blockchain easily?

The blockchain developer business is constantly evolvingboth in terms of the multitude of languages ​​that exist and for their different use cases.

C++, Java, Rust, Python, Vyper, Go, etc. There are tons of different programming languages ​​to learn in the blockchain universe. Nonetheless, It would be relevant to learn Solidity as a first programming languagethe latter is that of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and one of the most used in the ecosystem.

Influenced by JavaScript, C++ and Python, In particular, Solidity enables the development of smart contracts and to interact with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), the cornerstone of the Ethereum ecosystem, which allows interoperability with other products developed on the same structure.

Today, There are some solutions to learn the Solidity language in an interactive and intuitive waylike the famous game CryptoZombies that teaches you how to write Smart Contracts on Solidity by creating games in an educational way.

On our page we have also written a step-by-step guide to help you do this Develop your first smart contract with Solidity. The latter does not require any special knowledge and will allow you to get acquainted with the Truffle, Drizzle and React tools as well.

Knot Guardian

If you want to learn the Solidity language while having fun and with a real sense of progression, we advise you to embark on Node Guardians, you will find programming lessons in the form of RPG-style quests and campaigns.

you will be rewarded when you complete said quests with equipment and with points that allow you to advance your skill tree. The difficulty in the Node Guardians universe is increasing and you will have the opportunity to do so Start with an in-depth tutorial to get your first steps on GitHub.

Open classrooms

In addition to the Solidity language, the OpenClassrooms site allows you to learn many programming languages like Python, JavaScript, Java, C and many more, but above all totally free and in French.

Free code camp

Eventually the Free Code Camp site will emerge a tool of choice, especially for learning Python or JavaScript mastery. Note, however, that the latter, while very complete, is still only available in English.

Blockchain Training at Alyra School

Alira school enables you to complete a diploma training as a blockchain developer after a 12-week distance learning course, which is accompanied by various experts of the blockchain ecosystem.

Rather address these already master the essential components of IT development (JavaScript, NodeJS, HTML and CSS, etc.), the blockchain developer training offered by Alyra offers you a content-rich and continuously updated library, backed by the expertise of the speakers and trainers.

Oriented towards development on the Ethereum blockchainThis training allows you to master the environment specific to this ecosystem, in particular Truffle or Hardhat, all structured around Solidity, the language of Ethereum and EVM-compatible blockchains.

Alyra training overview

After this training You will be able to provide a smart contract on a blockchain after learning to master Solidity and building decentralized applications (dApps).

Like all training offered by Alyra, blockchain developer training can be funded through your professional training account (CPF), through your employer through OPCOs if you are an employee, or through Pôle Emploi if you currently have job seeker status.

A total of, Alyra’s training lasts 120 hours, which corresponds to 10 hours per week. The latter amount to €3996.40 for the training costs. At the end of his training and after passing the final exam The learner receives a diploma certifying his/her skills from the Alyra school.

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Alyra, Blockchain Ecosystem Integration Training ⛓️

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The blockchain formation of Polytechnic Executive Education

Polytechnic Executive Education offers blockchain training courses called “Blockchain Starter Program”, accessible without prior knowledge if not appetite and a disposition for programming. 100% remote insured, this module, which we have already presented in detail allows you to benefit from recognized certification training.

You will be able Develop your skills in blockchain technology as a whole, both in terms of its technical nature and in understanding the various challenges inherent in its development, whether technological, economic or legal.

After completing this training you will be able to assert yourself as a credible interlocutor in your work environment and with the specialists of this technology, which enables you to integrate specific blockchain use cases into a business strategy in a sustainable and inclusive manner.

Polytechnic training

The next training cycle “Blockchain Starter Program”. takes place from April 3 to May 26, 2023. The latter lasts 20 hours (13 hours of synchronous distance learning and 7 hours of asynchronous distance learning) and costs 4,800 euros.

Training can be funded in a number of ways especially thanks to the credit on your training accountas part of retraining or via the regional council.

If you are interested in learning more about the funding methods available, we invite you to read the dedicated page of the École Polytechnique Executive Education.

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