How to widen shoes that are too tight

Putting a piece of newspaper inside your shoes sounds crazy, but it’s a trick used by most shoemakers. The latter will help you a lot, and for good reason. One thing is certain: you will not miss it in everyday life.

Here’s how you can put an end to this problem by putting a piece of newspaper in your shoes.

Why put newspaper sheets in your shoes?

You’ve probably had shoes that were too small or too tight. But rest assured, this situation is not inevitable. You can widen your shoes yourself and thus prevent foot injuries. In fact, you can use various methods and techniques to achieve this.

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Newspaper and alcohol will help you widen your shoes

This is a very simple method. To accept it, you need to take a large sheet of newspaper and roll it up tightly into a ball. Next, Soak it in alcohol with a spray bottle. Then put the newspaper in your shoes and leave it on overnight. Once the alcohol has evaporated, your shoes will be enlarged.

Ice against tight shoes

Here is another method to expand too tight shoes. First you need to put a freezer bag filled with water in your shoes and then put it in the freezer. This technique allows your shoes to take the desired shape, when water changes from the liquid to the solid state. An effective technique to be able to wear your shoes properly.

The potato is ideal for widening your shoes

As strange as it is, this method is still effective. And for a good reason The tuber contains starch that keeps moisture in the shoe and it also helps to fight against it bad smells. Before using the potato, however, read the instructions on the label of your shoes.

The hair dryer makes your shoes bigger

This is a popular and proven method. The principle: Operate the hair dryer 15 centimeters away from the shoe. The heat will relax the shoes and you can shape at will. However, be careful not to expose your shoes to the heat of the hair dryer too much, as there is a risk of damaging them.

Socks to complement your shoes

If your shoes are a bit smaller, this method will be of great help to you. All you have to do is wear them with thick socks and walk in them. This stretches and softens your shoes. So they won’t hurt you next time you wear them.

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If you wear them regularly, you can expand them

This cobbler’s secret has proven itself. If your shoes are too small, it is advisable to wear them frequently. This is how they adapt to your feet and marry their shapes. Remember to wear and walk with them several times at home for about 30 minutes. An effective technique to feel comfortable in your shoes.

putting shoes on

Putting shoes on. Source: spm

You don’t have to go to a shoemaker to widen your shoes. Thanks to these tricks, your shoes will no longer be tight.

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