Huawei launches innovative solutions to find the right technology for the right scenario

(HUAWEI) – On the second day From HUAWEI CONNECT 2022 Bangkok, Huawei launched a range of innovative infrastructure solutions to drive industry digitalization, finding the right technology for the right scenario. Industry stakeholders gathered and exchanged around the theme: “Innovative Infrastructure to Unleash Digital Potential”, to explore future directions and opportunities for industry digitization. They set out to analyze the challenges of different industries that today are striving to go digital. At the same time, Huawei presented solutions backed by its technological strengths to help address these challenges.

At this event, Huawei launched the Huawei Empower Program, a global partner development plan. This program will help Huawei partners develop three types of capabilities to better serve customers: digital transformation consulting and planning, product and portfolio expertise, and solution development.

The right technology for the right scenario: facilitating the “last mile” journey of digitization

Ryan Ding, President of Huawei Enterprise BG, said in his keynote titled “Building Industry Capabilities to Create Value” that “ higher-level digital transformation will help businesses better adapt to an ever-changing world. Huawei works closely with partners to find the right technology for the right scenario, help customers pursue their digital transformation, and unlock the potential of thedigital. »

According to Ding, Huawei provides its connectivity, compute and cloud technologies, works with partners to drive continuous industry innovation and multi-tech synergy, creating scenario-based solutions to meet diverse needs. client. He added that this will create greater value and make it easier for customers to navigate the “last mile” of their digital transformation.

Key innovative technologies and stronger infrastructure to unleash the power of digital

Bob Chen, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise BG, shared how multi-technology synergy is key to finding the right technology for the right scenario. He explained in his keynote titled “Innovative digital infrastructure that accelerates digital transformation” that “ data is at the heart of digital transformation, and the consumption, transmission, storage and analysis of data are key steps. Huawei provides comprehensive products and product portfolios to support end-to-end data processing, accelerating customers’ digital transformation. »

Connectivity, transmission and storage of dataData are three important elements of this process.

In terms of data connectivity, Huawei has upgraded its intelligent cloud-networking solution which includes CloudFabric, CloudWAN and CloudCampus. This solution aims to provide industry customers with an easy, agile and streamlined experience, helping them lay a solid first foundation of data to unleash the potential of digital.

Regarding data transmission, Huawei explored how to apply the evolution of the fifth generation (F5G) fixed network in various industries to reshape productivity. The company launched a variety of new products and solutions for all-optical carrier network, all-optical industrial network, all-optical campus and all-optical sensing.

For data storage, Huawei said the company is working to build a reliable, data-centric storage foundation for six key usage scenarios. data, including production and transactions, data analysis, and data protection, helping businesses get the most out of said data.

Huawei Empower Program: Building a Thriving Digital Ecosystem for Global Partners

At the event, Huawei launched the Huawei Empower Program, which aims to help develop a thriving digital ecosystem for global partners. In the cUnder this program, Huawei will conduct joint innovations with partners through the OpenLabs, will strengthen partner capabilities with a new framework, plan and integrated platform, and build a talent pipeline through Huawei ICT Academy and Huawei Authorized Learning Partner (HALP) programs. Huawei also announced that the company will invest US$300 million in this program to support global partners over the next three years.


A key event on the global ICT calendar, HUAWEI CONNECT 2022 will bring together industry visionaries, business leaders, technical experts, pioneering companies, ecosystem partners, application providers and developers to guide industry development and build an open and healthy ecosystem. HUAWEI CONNECT 2022 is held in Bangkok, Dubai, Paris and Shenzhen. Join us there to liberate digital.

About Huawei

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