Huge discount on this high-performance Samsung 8K TV and 10-year warranty

Samsung is lowering the price of its excellent NEO QLED 85QN800B 2022 television. 500 euros are reimbursed on the manufacturer’s website, for a television guaranteed for 10 years and offering the best of current technologies.

As 4K develops, Samsung has already bet on 8K resolution with its Neo QLED televisions and one of them, the NEO QLED 85QN800B 2022 is currently enjoying a great offer, available directly on the official store. of the manufacturer. Samsung offers a refund of 500 euros for the purchase of the television, which has a 10-year guarantee, in particular against marking.

And this is particularly important insofar as the marking (or afterglow) can be caused by still images, especially in video games, and this ultra high-end television has everything to take full advantage of “next gen” consoles.

Fall for the offer on the Samsung NEO QLED 85QN800B 2022 TV

The Samsung NEO QLED 85QN800B 2022 TV is a technological gem with particularly advanced features. It incorporates an 85-inch 8K screen displaying 33 million pixels, augmented by QLED technology which improves color rendering and brightness. The TV allows you to enjoy wireless audio in Dolby Atmos for an immersive experience. Gamers will appreciate the presence of 4 HDMI 2.1 ports compatible with 4K and 120 Hz for maximum fluidity in compatible games on consoles such as the Xbox Series X or the PS5 and AMD Freesync Pro technology which adapts the screen refresh to frame rate dynamically.

Take advantage of the offer on the Samsung NEO QLED 85QN800B 2022 TV

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