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Edition of 30/09/2022

Leboncoin.fr: a UV offer still falling but prices stabilizing

In 6 months, the volume of used vehicle ads on Leboncoin has fallen by another 12% while prices have not increased by more than 5%, told us Olivier Flavier, director of the automotive market of the first ad site in France.


Matt Barrick new Managing Director of CarSupermarket.com

The general management of CarSupermarket.com, a subsidiary of Aramis Group, entrusted to Matt Barrick, succeeding Stephen Butterley.


Emmanuel Bret appointed Managing Director of Fisker France and Benelux

Since September 2022, Emmanuel Bret has joined Fisker in the newly created position of Managing Director France and Benelux.


With the Oli concept, Citroën combines design and frugality

A worthy successor to the Ami One Concept, Citroën’s new showcar combines an eye-catching futuristic design with a frugal vision of the automobile, with less weight, less equipment and recycled and reusable materials.


Porsche tumbles on the stock market by defying the gloom of the markets

(AFP) – The German manufacturer of luxury cars Porsche made a zigzag course on Thursday on its first day of listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, for one of the biggest operations in the financial center despite a sluggish economic context.


Zero Motorcycles raises $107 million

(AFP) – The brand of electric motorcycles Zero Motorcycles announced Thursday that it has raised 107 million dollars to finance its development, a few days after the IPO of LiveWire, the subsidiary dedicated to electric Harley-Davidson.


Volkswagen well on its way to financing its electrification strategy

(Reuters) – Volkswagen is well on its way to funding its electrification strategy, its chief financial officer said on Thursday, as it raised about 9.6 billion euros from Porsche’s IPO and a possible listing of its battery unit is being considered.


Renault will hold its long-awaited “capital market day” on November 8

(Reuters) – Renault on Thursday set November 8 as the date for its long-awaited “capital market day” during which it must detail its plan to create two separate entities, one dedicated to electric and the other to thermal engines. .


India postpones by one year, to October 2023, the obligation to equip cars with six airbags

(Reuters) – India will require all passenger cars to be fitted with a minimum of six airbags from October 1, 2023, a year later than originally planned, Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said on Thursday.


Car of the Year 2023: Brussels replaces Geneva

Following the cancellation of the Geneva Motor Show, the presentation of the title Car of the Year changes destination. It will be unveiled at the opening of the Brussels show on January 13.


Category Analysis

The French automotive commercial and industrial problem is not Chinese but European

The week of the World Cup was one of interactions between the French political world and the two manufacturers. At a time when the latter must manage, without having the choice of technologies, a very rapid decarbonization of the vehicles they market, public support is there. Not surprising and rather legitimate in this context that a form of national preference is requested because it cannot be required. In the European context, however, it is only possible to make aid conditional on manufacturing in the EU. That may not be enough.


Automotive, consolidate its volumes without the BRICs

Competitive pressure is increasing on the Chinese market between electrification, gaining experience of local manufacturers and stagnation of the Chinese automotive market. Western manufacturers must therefore gauge whether the interest of this market still deserves as much industrial and commercial effort or whether it is necessary to consider reviewing Chinese ambitions.


Renault-Nissan Alliance, the myth of the “necessary rebalancing”

The Alliance rebalancing is now a “chestnut tree” in the automotive press. De facto, the Alliance is unbalanced since what founded it is a call for help from a major builder to which responded a builder who was less important and who did his job so well that the imbalance was confirmed. . Add to that arbitrations by the boss of the Alliance with little rebalancing and we have a question that, out of decorum, we refuse to close by reaffirming a right of the strongest capitalistically. By dint of perseverance, the ground for an abandonment in open country of a legitimate control of a manufacturer by another is ready. If, rather than resisting this pressure, we submit to it, the chestnut tree will die and the Alliance with it.


60% of French people fear they will no longer have the means to own a car

Paradoxically, 75% of French motorists say they cannot do without their car, yet 59% fear having to do so because of the high cost of use, according to the latest survey by the Cetelem Observatory.


Falling auto demand is a growing concern in North America

The drop in demand was to be feared and its arrival is becoming clearer. Rebates are increasingly discussed among manufacturers and in North American networks. Beyond a short-term impact, the loss of interest could have a medium-term influence with the possible absence of a catch-up of the volumes lost since 2020.


Can the commercial reorganization of Stellantis in France draw lessons from the vehicle logistics fiasco?

Since 2014, with undeniable success, the management of Stellantis, under the leadership of Carlos Tavares, has taken over almost all the files and is obsessively seeking to improve the group’s economic performance. Intoxicated by their successes, the teams do not seem to see any limits to the application of the recipes which, for the moment, have worked wonderfully. However, recently, the reorganization of logistics has come to put a damper. The doubt thus created about the infallibility of the rationalization methods applied upstream would undoubtedly deserve to be kept in mind when it comes to the distribution file. The trade reorganizations announced last week indicate that this is not the case.


Fashionable restaurant

Today, I’m talking to you about my personality disorders, and how they impacted my perception of old cars. Or not.


Does designing, producing and selling electric vehicles involve fundamentally new skills and business models?

Although the world’s largest manufacturers like Toyota, VW or Stellantis seem to refuse to split their thermal and electric activities, others like Geely, Ford or Renault are about to make this choice. To found it, they argue that electric and thermal vehicles are not liable for the same operational treatments. This hypothesis seems very fragile with regard to the practices of those who defend it.


Five things to know about the Porsche icon

(AFP) – Before buzzing on the stock market this week, Porsche has established itself as a benchmark for sports cars. Here are five things to know about the brand.


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