IMMO BLOCKCHAIN ​​(EX ONE EXPERIENCE) – The IMMO BLOCKCHAIN ​​group announces its 2022 half-year results: Proforma turnover multiplied by 4 / Positive EBITDA – 25/10/2022 – 08:15

IMMO BLOCKCHAIN ​​(ALIMB), a group combining dynamic management of proprietary land assets, event solutions and developing a new land investment platform based on Blockchain technology, announces its results as of June 30, 2022. The group publishes for the first time its half-year financial report, following the transfer of its shares to Euronext Growth Paris on July 29.

The half-yearly results of IMMO BLOCKCHAIN ​​confirm the strong development dynamic carried out over the past 18 months, through organic growth and external growth. In the second half, the group is pursuing its growth strategy on its three pillars of activity with strong synergies, notably via the acquisition of DIMOBA, the deployment of new verticals and innovative projects on the Blockchain.

06/30/2022 FP (1) 06/30/2022 (2) 06/30/2021 PF Var° PF
Turnover €1.7m €1.3 million €0.4m x4
EBITDA €0.06 million €0.03 million – €0.05 million +€0.12m
EBITDA margin 4% 2% -13%

2022 half-year financial report available at:

Revenue growth

The group IMMO BLOCKCHAIN post a turnover pro forma of €1.7m as of June 30, 2022, multiplied by 4 compared to turnover pro forma from 1er half of the previous financial year (€0.4 million).

This growth of +€1.3m observed on the 1er semester is issued up to €0.8m of acquisitions made in 2021: hotel PEBBLE (May), goodwill CAPDEL (June), hotel KERISPER LODGE (December), and comes from €0.5 million of the organic growth of the group.

Operational profitability

The group IMMO BLOCKCHAIN generates a EBITDA pro forma of +€0.06m as of June 30, 2022, compared to an operating loss pro forma of -0.05 M€ in the first half of the previous year.

The group continues to improve its operating profitability with a Positive EBITDAin line with the trend recorded in the results as of December 31, 2021.

Sound financial situation

The group IMMO BLOCKCHAIN displays a healthy financial situation :

  • Equity pro forma of €7.4 million,
  • Gross cash pro forma of €1mthat is +€0.5m compared to the last closing of December 31, 2021.

Owner of land assets, the group IMMO BLOCKCHAIN holds a fixed assets pro forma of €16m as of June 30, 2022, an increase of nearly 23% driven by the acquisition of the hotel KERISPER LODGE.

Confirmed ambitions

IMMO BLOCKCHAIN intends to continue developing its portfolio ofexceptional land assets and continue to develop new innovative activities. The group develops by organic growth, and by external growth, testifies the acquisition of DIMOBA in September 2022.

The group strengthens in its historical activities (dynamic management of land assets, event solutions) via the development of new verticals. ONE NESTa co-living activity, was successfully launched last May with the aim of proposing a human project to investors looking for a ethical investment with strong societal and environmental impact.

IMMO BLOCKCHAIN ​​also reaffirms its ambition to create the first French platform for land investments in “Tokens”. The Group recently created the subsidiary INVESTOKEN which will soon offer real estate assets based on the technology of blockchain.

” The group IMMO BLOCKCHAIN continues his development and announcement of half-year results in progress. The synergies between our different activities allow us to lead the growth and to reinforce the operational profitability of the group. We now wish accelerate significantly on innovative projectsin particular by relying on the technology of Blockchain. We have finalized the technical part and will launch the first files very quickly. »

Edouard Masseau – Chairman and CEO of the group IMMO BLOCKCHAIN

(1) Accounts pro forma 06/30/2022: consolidation of the GALET and LODGE KERISPER hotels at 100%.

(2) Consolidated financial statements 06/30/2022: unaudited financial statements.

About the group :

Founded in 2017, IMMO BLOCKCHAIN ​​(previously ONE EXPERIENCE) is a group that owns and manages exceptional places in France (event and tourist sites, hotels, co-working and co-living spaces). Since 2022, the group has developed a new strategic activity aimed at taking advantage of the advantages of blockchain technology through a land investment platform in “security tokens” combined with historical expertise in the dynamic management of land assets.

IMMO BLOCKCHAIN ​​is listed on Euronext Growth Paris (ALIMB – ISIN Code: FR0013266772).

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