In London, a city council will offer electronic cigarettes to pregnant women

The objective of this campaign: to fight against smoking and allow future mothers to save nearly 2000 pounds sterling per year.

Although not much research has been done on nicotine consumption through e-cigarettes during pregnancy, local authorities at Lambeth London Borough Council – a city council in south London – have their pick. They will offer e-cigarettes to pregnant women to encourage them to quit smoking, reports The Independent.

The objective of this campaign is twofold. On the one hand, the council hopes that these free vapes will save expectant mothers nearly £2,000 a year (about $2,300), money that would otherwise be spent “to maintain smoking habits.”

On the other hand, the local authorities also take into account a non-negligible health aspect. “Smoking during pregnancy is indeed the main risk factor for poor birth outcomes, including stillbirth, miscarriage and premature birth,” a Lambeth London Borough Council spokesperson told the British media.

A better alternative, but not without risks

This new measure aims to “improve the health of families” and allow households to save considerable sums of money. Lambeth London Borough Council also argues that data shows that women from low-income households are much more likely to smoke during pregnancy. This campaign thus takes on its full meaning in Lambeth since “more than 3,000 households [de ce borough] fall below the poverty line because of smoking,” says The Independent.

However, local authorities recognize that “it is preferable for pregnant smokers to quit smoking without continuing to consume…


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