In the Central African Republic, what future for mobile money against bitcoin? – Young Africa

Less than $30,000. This is the course at which bitcoin has stagnated since May 10. In this context, are the Central African authorities still so calm about their choice to make it an official currency in the country? Impossible to know.

The legalization of bitcoin also raises the question of the future of telecom operators, such as Orange or Telecel, which currently hold the monopoly of fund transfers between users, via Orange Money or Pâtâ Biani. Can they coexist with the cryptocurrency exchange? Director of the French-speaking Africa zone at Binance, a crypto-asset trading platform based in the United States, Carine Dikambi believes so. “Mobile money is the main tool for local exchanges, while cryptocurrency mainly facilitates cross-border payments,” she observes.

“The cake is getting bigger”

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