In Ukraine, the war of ancient and modern

DECRYPTION – High technology meets Soviet-era armor on the battlefield.

In the territories it conquered, in southern Ukraine, the Russian army deployed a few old T-62 tanks. These machines were designed in the early 1960s. But to ensure an armed presence far from the most intense fighting, they may be sufficient. In the Donbass, the Russian army on the contrary exhibited a few BMPT Terminator armored support vehicles, around ten according to the British Ministry of Defence.

In too few copies,they will not have a significant impact“, said London. In Ukraine, high-tech and the most old-fashioned rub shoulders on the battlefield. “Technology does not make it possible to overcome the reality on the ground“warns a French military source. The most modern equipment is not enough to hold the entire front line.

With its trenches and artillery battles, the Ukrainian conflict resembles a war of the XXe century. The T-72 tanks operated by one side as by the other date from the Soviet era…

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