Incredible, it should soon be possible to call by hologram


Major European telecom operators want to make large-scale hologram phone calls possible.

Vodafone, Telefónica (O2), Deutsche Telekom and Orange thus announced on Wednesday the project in which they will develop a platform for the transmission of three-dimensional images in real time. These mobile operators want to transmit the data behind the hologram through their network. Anyone receiving a call should see in 3D, thanks to virtual reality glasses, the upper body of the person who is calling and looking at the selfie camera of their mobile phone. The hologram will be distilled from the camera footage.

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The project should be available for end users within two years. Financial details were not disclosed.

The telecom industry has been looking for some time to develop calls with holograms. If this is technically possible, the process is however considered to be very complex. Future 5G networks with very fast connections will be needed for this.

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