INFO THE DEPECHE. After a case of dengue, a mosquito control operation carried out in a district of Montauban

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The intervention of a company specializing in mosquito control worried the inhabitants of the Pouty district this Wednesday morning… who had not been informed that a case of dengue fever had been diagnosed. The ARS confirms this case, concerning a person from the Grand Est region who stayed in Montauban at the end of August. To avoid the installation of a local chain of virus transmission, mosquito control operations will continue around the station.

Not happy, this resident of the Pouty district in Montauban. “I would have liked the health authorities to inform me, and inform the other residents concerned, that a tropical disease had been spotted in our neighborhood. In addition, I do not know what disease it is and what measures should be taken. It was around 11 a.m. on Wednesday when employees of a company specializing in the treatment against the Tiger mosquito showed up at his home on rue Louis-Sabatier, not far from the Montauban-Villebourbon SNCF station.

“I was at my place of work but I was warned of this unexpected visit. This company had 72 hours to intervene. Of course, I authorized her to enter my property, but I find that it is not normal that we were not informed. »

Madame S. herself contacted the town hall of Montauban at the beginning of the afternoon. “I had someone in the hygiene and health service confirm to me that this operation was linked to a case of dengue fever. Apparently, a person carrying this disease would have stayed in our neighborhood but I don’t know more. I was told that the treatment operation against the Tiger mosquito only concerned three streets: rue Louise-Michel, rue Louis-Sabatier and impasse de Labastiolle. »

Ongoing investigations in Montech and Montbeton

This Wednesday evening, in a press release, the Regional Health Agency confirmed this “case of autochthonous dengue (read the box below) of a person who stayed in Montauban at the end of August”, specifying that “the person, originally of the Grand Est region, is now cured”.

The ARS indicates that “to avoid the installation of a local chain of transmission of the dengue virus, it is necessary to put in place appropriate mosquito control measures”. These operations, which have therefore already started this Wednesday in Pouty, “will be carried out in the coming days in Montauban (station district) by the mosquito control operator of ARS Occitanie (Altopictus company) and potentially in other places. that the person would have frequented in the municipalities of Montech and Montbeton” where “investigations are in progress”.

What symptoms should alert you?

The residents concerned will be informed of the mosquito control operations and will also receive a note calling on them to report to their doctor if they have recently presented the following symptoms:
– a high fever (above 38°5) of sudden onset associated with at least one other clinical sign such as headaches, muscle or joint or lumbar pain;
– and in the absence of cough, runny nose, sore throat, breathing difficulties or infected wounds;
– in the absence of another established diagnosis”.

Imported cases and indigenous cases

Generally mild, dengue is an infection that usually occurs in tropical areas. A person traveling to a country where dengue, chikungunya or Zika are present develops one of these diseases by being bitten by a mosquito carrying one of these viruses, then returns to their country of residence. This is called an imported case.

Back in mainland France in an area where the tiger mosquito is present, this sick person is bitten by a healthy tiger mosquito which is then infected with one of these viruses. After an internal multiplication cycle, this mosquito can, after a few days, transmit the virus to another healthy person by biting it. This is called an Aboriginal case.

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