Innoscience expands its range of 650 V HEMT transistors with GaN-on-Si technology

The Chinese is expanding its InnoGaN range of 650 V high electronic mobility transistors with models displaying on-state drain-source resistances of 190, 350 or 600 mΩ.

Specialist in power solutions using gallium nitride on silicon (GaN-on-Si) technology, Innoscience Technology announces the commercialization of three models of 650 V high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs). Encapsulated in standard 8 x 8 mm or 5 x 6 mm DFN packages, these devices feature on-state drain-source resistances Rds( on) of 190, 350 and 600 mΩ depending on the model and fill the gaps in the InnoGaN range of 650 V HEMT transistors from the Chinese company which until now only had versions with Rds(on) of 140, 240 and 500 mΩ.

“These new devices complement our portfolio of 100-600mΩ HEMT transistors in 650V. by offering more flexibility to customers in their choice of supplier for their applications”says Yi Sun, vice president of product development at Innoscience.

JEDEC certified for chip and package, all of these components have also passed the DHTOL reliability test (Dynamic High Temperature Operating Life) in accordance with JEP180, which is the new JEDEC guideline for GaN technology. What’s more, Innoscience’s 650 V HEMTs have undergone accelerated life testing above 1000 V, which has calculated a life of 36 years at 80% of the nominal voltage (520 V, 150°C, with a failure rate of 0.01%).

These components also present good results at the transient drain-source voltage level (transient Vds) – namely 800 V for non-repetitive events with a pulse duration of up to 200 µs – and at the voltage level. pulsed drain-source (pulsed Vds) for repetitive pulses – ie 750 V for durations up to 100 ns, for 190 mΩ Rds(on) devices. Of course, all of these transistors have on-chip ESD protection circuitry, to facilitate series assembly and ease of handling.

Among the outlets targeted by these 650 V HEMTs, let us mention PFC converters, DC-DC converters, Led drivers, fast battery chargers, laptop and all-in-one (AiO) adapters, power supplies for Desktop PCs, TVs, power tools, etc.

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