Innovation & Startup: Google is developing a tool to fight global warming

Google is a tool used by billions of people, but the American company also wants to be fully committed to the fight against global warming. The proof since the American giant has just launched a tool called Dynamic World. The latter provides real-time global land cover data. It’s a really useful tool for researchers and governments.

The new Google tool

It is therefore a new tool, which has just been launched by Google. The objective is to help researchers and governments develop new solutions to minimize the effects on climate change. The tool is powered by Google Earth Engine. It provides real-time land cover information and the level of detail is particularly impressive.

Indeed, scientists have the possibility of monitoring and understanding ecosystems in real time: we thus find data on forests, urban development, or even agricultural areas. The data is extremely accurate, and can be used immediately. They evolve every day, which makes them particularly reliable and interesting in the context of a long-term study.

The evolution of landscapes

Every day, 5,000 images are produced using an artificial intelligence model that analyzes satellite images. The data is then transmitted directly to Google, and is available almost in real time.

These new data could become an international scientific base, which will allow researchers to create new maps based on the results of the tool developed by Google engineers. It is a tool that will also be particularly useful for understanding long-term trends in climate change and ecosystem modifications. This tool could truly revolutionize the future of the Earth. Well done Google!

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