Intel crosses the 6 Ghz bar!

Faced with the arrival of a Ryzen 7000 clocked at 5.7 GHz from AMD, Intel announces its new Raptor Lake processor. The chip will have a frequency of 6 GHz. Is this surge of power really necessary?

We are in 2022 and while we thought that the race for GHz was over since the arrival of multi-core processors, the competition still seems to be ongoing. For this battle, the two main adversaries are always the same, AMD and Intel. While the first has just announced the arrival of new Ryzen 7000 chips clocked at 5.7 GHz, Intel reveals its Raptor Lake.

This thirteenth generation of processors peaks at 6 GHz and the founder felt obliged to unveil this novelty in response to AMD. He nevertheless kept the essential characteristics of this chip under the seal of secrecy. Journalist Paul Alcorn of Tom’s Hardware was present during this announcement and he was able to collect some key figures. Thus, the Raptor Lake would have a performance increase on a thread single 15%. In “multithreaded” operation, this figure would reach 41% compared to the previous model.

A shallot race?

So, is this 5.7 or 6 GHz really important today? Not really… It’s really about enticing the user with a strong, simple message that focuses on power alone. Amazingly, it still works, but it does.

In this little game, Intel wins with a round number. Better still, by bathing the chip in liquid nitrogen, the manufacturer was able to show that it is possible to “overclock” it up to 8 GHz. It is useless, but the demonstration of power marks the spirit. This is why, according to various analysts, this Raptor Lake chip is only a show compared to that of AMD.

The real revolution should come from Intel’s future Meteor Lake. This processor whose architecture has been completely redesigned should land in theory next year. In theory ! because as the founder is not certain to maintain these deadlines, he would prefer to keep his footing on the ground with this Raptor Lake. The latter should be launched at the end of the year, while the Ryzen 7000 arrives at the end of the month.


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