Intel leads the ranking in cloud technology

A new study from KeyBanc Capital Markets reveals that Intel. is leading the growth of cloud technology. That said, the organization won the latest cloud chip race.

Intel Aligns with Winners with Cloud Ice Lake Technology

According to research by KeyBancIntel. INTC, 1.17% is the winner of the latest monthly data tracking server processors. These are used for “cloud instances” or services available through a public cloud. This study by KeyBanc was published last Thursday. In fact, it is dedicated to new cloud processor architectures like Intel’s Ice Lake.

KeyBanc announces that instances cloud grew strongly, especially in May. Moreover, the statistics show an increase of 3% compared to April and 26% compared to the same period last year. The study claims that this growth is partly thanks to instances that use Intel’s cloud processors. These increased by 4% compared to April. And even compared to the same period last year, the percentage reached 18%. If we were simply to talk about the ice lake processorinstances increased by 10% month to month. A percentage that brought to 71% for a whole year. Basically, the growth is essentially thanks to him. Indeed, because it is largely through the use in AMZN from, -1.39% Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

“We view these results as moderately positive for INTC, given modest cloud market share gains for the first time since September 2021,” KeyBanc analyst notes, John Vinh.

A percentage of instances that exceeds that of Nvidia and AMD

Although Intel is booming, the opposite is true for AMD and Nvidia. Indeed, cloud instances using Nvidia. NVDA, 0.21% and Advanced Micro Devices AMD, 0.65% processors increased modestly. In the case of Nvidia, the instances exploiting its graphics processor only increased by 2% month to month. Basically, year over year, the percentage growth is 39%. And this is mainly due to his use of his Ampere processor at Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. BABA, +0.82%.

As for AMD, its cloud instances only grew by 1% compared to April. But, from one year to the next, growth reached 116%. “Utilization of the company’s Milanese processors increased modestly in May, driving my AWS deployments”Vinh wrote.

Intel shares gain 3.1%

In Friday afternoon trading, Intel shares gained 3.1%. These gains were notably boosted by the broader rebound in tech stocks. From then on, Nvidia climbed from 4.0% and AMD from 4.8%, outperforming the SPX of the S&P 500, 0.31% gain of 2.4%.

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