iPhone 15: Reluctantly, Apple resolves to drop its technology and switches to USB-C

News hardware iPhone 15: Reluctantly, Apple resolves to drop its technology and switches to USB-C

The European Union has decided, USB-C has officially become the standard for connected devices. This time, Apple has no choice: its future iPhones will have to comply, and this is not at all to the taste of the American company.

It’s impossible to deny thatApple is a technology firm whose innovations have had a very strong impact on the daily lives of consumers. In its time, the iPod revolutionized the digital music market, then theiPhone has laid the foundations of the smartphone sector. The iPad has also been often copied in the field of touch pads… In short, the list is long.

However, Apple is also a company a little apart, which has always sought to mark its difference by choosing to regularly go it alone. Proof of this is its closed ecosystem, its iOS and macOS operating systems that are not very cooperative with other platforms, or even its Apple Watches which do not even work with Android. An inter-self also felt at the level of the connections of its various devices.

At the time when micro-USB was offered by all the other manufacturers, Apple decided to stand apart by integrating its in-house connectors into iPhones and iPads: this is how the Lightning port became essential at Apple. But the situation is changing.

The iPhone 14 still has a Lightning connector

Apple totally embraces USB-C, but it doesn’t like it

In effect, the recent decision taken by the European Union concerning the democratization of USB-C to all electronic devices requiring charging forces Apple to change its habits. To continue to sell its products in Europe in the coming years, the Cupertino company is therefore forced to abandon its own connectors, launched 10 years ago.

The process was initiated with a change of connectors on the side of the latest iPads, which now have a USB-C connector.. However, until then, the iPhones have resisted: the iPhone 14 range made official last September still works under Lightning. But it will probably be the last generation to display this observation.

UBS-C on iPhone, it’s for next year according to Apple

This week, Greg Joswiak, head of marketing at Apple, told the Wall Street Journal that the company intends to comply with the European decision with the iPhone. Presumably, the iPhone 15 range planned for 2023 should be the first to adopt USB-C instead of Lightning.

This does not mean that Apple will act lightly: Greg Joswiak made it clear that the company felt coerced and forced. ” We do not have the choice “he underlined, before explaining that Apple would have preferred to continue to trust its engineers rather than to have a technology imposed on it by European legislators.

It goes even further: according to the marketing manager, if Apple had yielded earlier to European pressure and adopted micro-USB, neither Lightning nor USB-C would have seen the light of day thereafter.. In other words, if devices today have access to USB-C, it is indirectly thanks to Apple’s technological ambitions.

A USB-C cable

iPhone 15: Reluctantly, Apple resolves to drop its technology and switches to USB-C

A page will turn for the Apple iPhone

Can we imagine that the positioning of USB-C as a universal standard in the world of consumer electronics will slow down the arrival of new versions of USB in the future? Probably not: USB 4 is already in motion and it will use a connection similar to that of USB-C on the devices concerned, with a transfer speed capable of reaching 40 Gb/s. Everything will be backward compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 3.2.

On the Apple side, on the other hand, this forced choice could well spell the end of the Lightningeven if the owners of old generation devices will be obliged to continue to use this connection in the years to come.

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