Italy: the algorithm, this new weapon to track down the mafia

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A technology, developed in Padua in Veneto, is able to detect companies suspected of links with Italian criminal organizations.

From our correspondent in Rome, Quentin Raverdy

If they remain cautious, the Italian police are obviously interested in using an algorithm to fight against the mafia. (Illustrative photo)

© ARTUR WIDAK / NurPhoto / NurPhoto via AFP

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” Lhe mafias are not octopuses that spread their tentacles everywhere but chameleons,” says Antonio Parbonetti. “They hide, camouflage themselves, adopt characteristics that resemble those of the territory so as not to be recognized”, details this “hunter” of clans of a somewhat special kind.

On the shoulders of this discreet 50-year-old, no magistrate’s robe or carabinieri uniform, but a sober three-piece teacher’s suit in the economics department of the University of Padua, in Veneto. And under the ceilings of the venerable institution, a temple of freedom of research for eight hundred years (Galileo taught there), this native Calabrian and his team have developed an innovative weapon to track mafia appetites: an algorithm…

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