ITI | SITI: the annual technology meeting is coming to Montreal

“Rather than meeting around forty digital transformation and cloud computing solution providers during the year, why not devote a single day to it? raises Jean-Philippe Couture, Vice-President, Transformation and Services, ITI. This is what the 12 offerse Summit of Information Technology Experts (SITI), to be held at the Palais des congrès de Montréal on October 19. Take a look at this unmissable event and the reasons that drive companies of all sizes to accelerate their technological shift.

Posted October 5

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The largest information technology (IT) event in Quebec

40 renowned manufacturers

Lenovo, Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, HPE: more than forty major manufacturers will present new technologies, not to mention growing companies with high-potential innovations.

25 free conferences and workshops

Among the highlights of the program, the conference The changing role of data and analytics in all types of decisions looks at using data to make informed, fact-based business decisions. The discussion panel After 200 cloud computing transformations, what do we remember? presents the lessons learned from 200 digital transformations of Quebec companies and reveals the recipe for a successful project. Finally, thinking What if technology was the key to your retention? highlights the importance of providing teams with powerful tools and a modern work environment to increase engagement and productivity.

People first

“Technology is not the starting point for digital transformation, but the finish line,” says Jean-Philippe Couture. The SITI is an invitation to discover the ideas, knowledge and tools that will allow humans to offer the best of themselves in their professional lives. »

About ITI

Since 1991, ITI’s teams of experts have offered a full range of technological services and solutions, particularly in strategic consulting, solution implementation, procurement and infrastructure management. Across Canada, ITI democratizes technologies at the service of people and supports companies in making digital transformation the foundation of their growth.

5 challenges that drive digital transformation

according to Jean-Philippe Couture, Vice President, Transformation and Services, ITI

1. Decentralization of work

“Telework, once occasional, has become the norm. The younger generation expects to be able to work from anywhere. However, this decentralization requires a more efficient and more secure network, while offering a pleasant experience for its remote users. »

2. Shortage and cost of labor

“Labour attraction and retention strategies help top employers win in the hunt for talent. The employer brand is now lived in a virtual universe, where technologies enrich experiences. But before you hire, let’s check how automation can do more with the same resources. »

3. Pressure for cloud computing

“Usually large companies are the first to adopt new trends. However, the government decree that urges public organizations to turn to cloud computing is leading small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to do the same. »

4. Mobility and data security

“When employees expect to be able to work anytime and from anywhere, the data critical to performing their jobs must be both easy to access and secure. Technologies facilitate this mobility while preventing leaks thanks to various control, backup and traceability mechanisms. »

5. Data as a source of wealth

“Technologies help to collect a phenomenal amount of information to grow the business. Market position, supply chain, operational processes, preferred territories, most popular products, employee engagement: everything can be optimized based on facts. »

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