its polyclonal antibody technology selected by the European Commission to combat CBRN threats

Fab’entech, a pharmaceutical-stage biotechnology company focused on the development, production and commercialization of polyclonal antibodies for biodefense solutions and treatments for emerging infectious diseases, announced today that it has been selected to join the European COUNTERACT consortium, which aims to aims to develop medical countermeasures against CBRN threats.

“In an unstable health and geopolitical context, the CBRN risk has become a key issue for the protection of the populations of the Member States of the European Union. » explains Sébastien IVA, CEO of Fab’entech. “We are pleased to be part of this working group, which is made up of renowned institutions and high-ranking experts. Our know-how, technology and integrated manufacturing tool have been recognized as key assets in this strategic mission and we are proud to contribute to building an effective European Health Shield. »

“The aim of COUNTERACT is to prepare the European Union for current and future CBRN threats by relying on the articulation of the European public-private ecosystem and we are pleased to have Fab’entech with us. adds Roger Le Grand, director of Idmit1 and coordinator of the COUNTERACT project. “We are confident that their polyclonal antibody technology will be of strategic use in the development of targeted and effective countermeasures. The CEA will provide its scientific knowledge and skills to carry out this major project. »

An ambitious project to strengthen the European Union’s preparedness in the face of CBRN threats

Funded by the European Defense Fund2 and coordinated by the CEA, the COUNTERACT consortium aims to develop four families of medical countermeasures, two of which are pending submission for marketing authorization by the European Medicines Agency.

Planned to last four years, the project brings together 26 partners from 11 European Union Member States: 5 universities, 3 technological research institutes including the CEA as coordinator, 10 public research institutes and 8 private companies.

Fab’entech is the only French biotechnology company selected by COUNTERACT to work on the development of a first countermeasure against threat agents.

Fab’entech will benefit from a €5 million subsidy.

A polyclonal immunotherapy technology platform for health emergencies

Fab’entech’s main advantage lies in its innovative technological platform for the production of polyclonal antibodies, Fabshield®. This technology is based on proven processes originally developed by Sanofi Pasteur and now licensed to Fab’entech.

The polyclonal antibodies produced by the platform recognize and neutralize pathogens and other toxins very quickly, stopping the progression and development of the harmful agent in the human body. Polyclonality makes it possible to target different parts of the pathogen, unlike monoclonal antibodies which are specific for only one part, potentially rendering them ineffective in the event of mutation.

Thanks to this unique technological process, Fab’entech is able to anticipate future risks and participate in the development of a biotechnological arsenal against any type of biothreat, while allowing the rapid development of a treatment.

A proprietary industrial site in France that guarantees full control over the value chain

Fab’entech has its own modular biomanufacturing plant of more than 1,000 m², which gives the company the possibility to manufacture several treatments at the same time (Covid-19, antidotes, etc.), in line with the diversity of biological threats and ensuring national and European Sovereignty.

This collaboration within the COUNTERACT consortium reinforces the credibility of Fab’entech’s innovative and versatile technological platform and reinforces the keen interest of its biomanufacturing site to meet the growing need for countermeasures against potential biothreats in the current international geopolitical context.


1 Infectious disease models and innovative therapies, joint research unit at the CEA site in Fontenay-aux-Roses

2 The fund supports competitive and collaborative projects throughout the research and development cycle to have a greater impact on Europe’s defense capabilities and industrial landscape. More information: The European Defense Fund (EDF) (

Source and image: Fab’entech

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