Jaiye company launches fundraiser to use technology to become the Netflix of African music

On the African continent, where western majors are scarce, the music industry remains unstructured and music production independent. For a young musical talent, breaking through, broadcasting and producing remains complicated.

For the first time, a tech music company is taking on the African music industry. His role model: Netflix!

To be successful, sales, production and sales are integrated at the same time. It’s something unprecedented. This amounts to integrating the activities of Believe, Spotify and a music production label into a single company to serve the African music market.

jaiye has already successfully started its distribution activities with an easy-to-access application for Afro artists, allowing them to instantly distribute their tracks on all platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, etc. Jaiye’s revolutionary idea was to first build a catalog of artists before beginning distribution and keeping his market upstream, the hardest part of access for a major.

Jaiye has also launched a production activity following the same idea of ​​promoting the emergence of African artists, first focusing on the creation of a catalog before creating the streaming application to disseminate it.

Today, based on its history, a proven business model and a reliable business plan, it is launching a fundraiser to spread music across the continent with its proprietary streaming application Jaiye Music.

By building the largest catalog of Afro music, Jaiye Music sees itself as the essential streaming application that allows Africans to finally consume their own music on their own territory in a legal, easy and efficient way.

€8 million are essential for the implementation of the action plan. Jaiye’s goals are threefold: recruitment, application development and establishment in new countries (Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria).

The success of this fundraiser will make Jaiye the Netflix of African music.

None of the big players like Apple Music, Spotify etc. have the right solutions for this market.

Jaiye still has a long way to go to reach its goal, but the company is already in balance: with a contribution of €1 million so far, it will generate more than half a million € in sales in 2022 with strong growth numbers.

Jaiye can already boast of being the first application that allows artists to be distributed and broadcast worldwide in less than 48 hours after uploading their titles to the Jaiye distribution platform.

Jaiye, which means “joy” and “hope” in Yoruba, respects copyrights and allows artists living in Africa or from the large Afro-Caribbean diaspora to monetize their tracks by being paid transparently by the number of downloads.

Jaiye now has 20 employees in France and a music production studio in Paris. The company develops in West Indies and West Africa, with a branch and studio in Guinea and a branch in Cameroon. After its launch in March 2021 and without promotional means, Jaiye distributes more than 70,000 tracks on 200 international music distribution platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, etc.) in more than 150 countries, only to the African diaspora.

In a word, for the founders Valy Sylla and Jean-Yves Kokou, Jaiye is technology and music at the service of Afro-Caribbean culture.

450 million Africans have a smartphone, in three years it will be 650 million. Mobile is at the forefront of African economic development. Music is essential for Africans and more than a quarter of the time they spend on their mobile phones is devoted to listening to music. While they only have their smartphones to listen to music, it’s hard to ignore Jaiye’s growth prospects and market.

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