Japanese toilet set: when technology rhymes with hygiene!

Thanks to the different technological developmentsMan is always there seek solace Daily.

So he continues Creation of accessories and kits to meet his many needs. With regard to, for example baththey are becoming more and more innovative.

That’s how it works japanese toilet set was designed to satisfy those looking for more comfort and functionality. What is this device used for and what are its specifics?

About the Japanese toilet

install japanese toilet

A Japanese toilet like the Boku Bidet looks like an ordinary toilet.

The difference, however, concerns the embedded technologies, and thanks to which the user cleans himself with water.

Depending on Japanese toilet models and brandsYou can even set:

  • The temperature of the rinse water;
  • The power of the water jets;
  • Etc.

In short, the Japanese toilet has many features that make it possible benefit from a unparalleled comfort. The most common are:

  • adjusting the water pressure;
  • anti-odor ventilation;
  • The heated window;
  • Etc.

As you can see, these toilets combine the features of bidet and those of traditional toilet. Besides, they are more hygienic and contain many touches of modernity. All of these reasons explain why the japanese toilet are appreciated in the world and sell enormously.

What are the different versions?

As you can imagine, there isn’t just one Japanese toilet form. Here are the main types to choose from:

Japanese toilet block

This model of Boku bidet embark on the pottery that forms the pool, the set of useful functions. A suspension is possible Japanese toilet block, or lay directly on the floor. The intervention of a plumber are therefore required for the work. Depending on the project, the budget to be provided is between 2,000 and 10,000 euros japanese toilet models.

Japanese seat

It is not always necessary to do heavy work to install a Japanese toilet ( here ). The solution must then be replaced the seat usually from a Japanese model. The latter consists of a hand shower, and interesting features. They are also the ones that influence the price, which is rarely below 200 euros.

The Japanese shower set

If you don’t have a big budget, this is the Japanese shower set is definitely the best choice. The installation takes place between the toilet seat and the pool. You don’t even have to ask the intervention of a plumber. The functions are generally quite simple. These are mainly water jets that you can adjust:

  • Print ;
  • Temperature.

More advanced models offer a hot wind that you can use to dry yourself. On a budget under $100, you won’t have any trouble getting one Japanese shower set.

Why choose a Japanese toilet set?

japanese toilet
japanese toilet

There are many reasons why you should think about it Buy a Japanese toilet set. Here are some arguments for it:


The operation of the seat is made possible by a motion sensor. As you approach your Japanese toilet, it will open. the do the washing up triggered automatically so you don’t have to bend down to operate it. Because everything is automated with the equipment, you don’t touch anything. So this saves you contact with bacteria.

good hygiene

People who have a mobility problem cannot always ensure their mobility hygiene. This is actually no longer a problem with the Japanese toilet, because it is equipped with it spray arm. You can clean yourself optimally after every visit to the toilet. It is therefore no longer necessary for you supply toilet paperwhich also avoids many disappointments, such as:

  • anal fissures;
  • the skin tags; especially in older people.


It is certainly the most important Advantage of Japanese toiletries. After a few uses, you’ll find that it really is one Unique experience. It is also heavily accented with features such as:

  • The heated seat;
  • The washer nozzles;

Daily, use a Japanese toilet becomes a real pleasure thanks to all these special features.


There are many options for Make your Japanese toilet set unique. The brands equip their models with a panel that allows the activation of different ones remote controls. You can even operate them from your smartphone, which really makes everyday use easier.

Low maintenance

You don’t have to put in a lot of effort Maintenance of your Japanese toilets. In fact, this equipment is covered with a non-stick material particularly. Stains therefore have little chance of settling in.

The many functions

Anyone who would like to have a bidet in their bathroom will be delighted own a Japanese toilet set. It is a device that has the functions of a toilet but also those of a bidet. It therefore saves you from having to install both hardware, especially if the bath is not big.

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