Jean Le Cam: “putting the browser and not the technology at the heart of the (…)

At a time when the budgets for new boats are soaring in the context of a race for technology, Jean Le Cam will carry out a high-performance project based on measurement, in which the sailor retains full control of his boat. The overall budget for the project will be approximately 4 million euros.

“Frugal innovation is at the heart of the sporting challenge that we are launching today for a solo world tour! My technical choices aim to place the navigator and not the technology at the heart of the boat. reveals Jean Le Cam.

A territorial project, which will increase the attractiveness of Finistre

Armor-lux and the Departmental Council of Finistre have chosen to engage in theadventure

, both to allow Jean Le Cam to line up at the start of the Vende Globe, and to promote our region. Armor-lux, a historic and emblematic company in Finistre, has built its reputation on authentic values ​​appreciated by its customers and shared by its employees (quality, social cohesion, innovation and ethics) and on its ability to defend its know-how in the territory. and his jobs. The Departmental Council of Finistre has the task of developing the attractiveness of Finistre through its agency “Finistre 360” and its brand “Everything begins in Finistre”.

First maritime department of France, Finistre literally “invented” ocean racing. The best skippers in the world come from Finistre, and continue to emerge in its poles of excellence (Ple Finistre Course au large Port-La-Fort, the France poles and Espoir de voile Brest
). Offshore racing is both an important economic sector for the area, which generates jobs and innovation, but it also strongly contributes to the identity of Finistre, its attractiveness and its influence.

“I am very proud to wear the colors of Finistre for this race, and I am very grateful to Armor-lux and the Departmental Council for allowing me to do so. It’s an old dream for me, I love Finistre so much that I’ll be happy to help make it shine! says Jean Le Cam.

“Among the skills of the Department, there is the development of attractiveness and support for the economy. Promoting our Finistre throughout the world, supporting a sector that creates many jobs, is at the heart of our responsibility. Doing it with Jean Le Cam is a great opportunity, a project that can unite the whole area,” says Mal de Calan, President of the Departmental Council.

“We are proud to participate in this new adventure

. This partnership is part of the company’s tradition of supporting exceptional sailors. Jean, with whom we have forged a relationship of trust and friendship over the past few years, is one of them. We admire her as much for her performance at sea as for her extraordinary personality. We share these all Finistrean values ​​of solidarity, courage, commitment and responsibility as well as a strong and unwavering attachment to our common territory. » Jean-Guy Le Floch, Chairman of Armor-lux.

A controlled budget, an associated business club to build a Finistre team!

the overall budget will amount to approximately 4 million euros excluding tax in total over four years. The Departmental Council will bear half of it, i.e. approximately €500,000 per year, financed by its attractiveness agency and the “Everything starts in Finistre” brand, with no impact on the departmental budget since it will be a question of redeployment of existing credits already devoted to the attractiveness policy. Armor-lux will bear a quarter, or around €250,000 per year.

Other actors will come to join the project around a Club of companies which will carry an overall participation of about 1 million, that is to say approximately 250 K€ per year.

“The round table of the Club Entreprises is in the process of being done, we intend to bring together between 5 and 10 companies to join this major project. Beyond the sporting challenge, the human and social values ​​embodied in this project offer local businesses the opportunity to get involved alongside young people from Finistère under their CSR policy,” explains Jean-Guy Le Floch, President of Armor-lux.

The boat itself will be financed and fitted out by the Crdit Agricole du Finistre, which is continuing its historic commitment alongside Jean Le Cam, helping to further strengthen this “Finistre team”.

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