Recognition for Kalray’s unique technology and its DPU (Data Processing Unit), a new type of high-performance, low-power programmable processor, dedicated to intensive computing applications.

Grenoble – France, October 26, 2022 – Kalray (Euronext Growth Paris: ALKAL), leader in hardware and software technologies dedicated to the management and intensive processing of data from the Cloud to the Edge, has been distinguished on several occasions by winning the Gold Prize for Innovation, the Public Prize and bronze in the Data Silicon awards Awards, which were held on October 20, 2022, in Paris. Organized as part of Silicon Day Data, the Silicon Data Awards reward the best data projects, solutions and innovations in the IT and tech universe. These prizes once again distinguish a unique technology, which was also awarded at the Flash Memory Summit last August.

The Kalray DPU: a new type of processor in the spotlight

We are delighted to have won these distinctions, it is a recognition of our innovative technology but also of all the project led by Kalray to revolutionize the way data will be processed and managed in the future. DPUs will play a crucial role in the industries of tomorrow and are attracting growing interest. Processors designed for yesterday’s needs, such as CPUs, GPUs, cannot always efficiently analyze the gigantic amounts of data generated by today’s applications. Kalray teams have developed a technology to exploit the full potential of a world that now relies on massive and disparate data, to be processed as quickly as possible: the MPPA® DPU “, Explain Eric Baissus, Chairman of the Management Board of Kalray.

Thanks to its patented architecture, equipped with 80 cores, the Kalray DPU manages in parallel and without bottlenecks multiple data streams, allowing applications exploiting massive amounts of data to be smarter, more efficient and energy efficient. . It is a high-performance, low-power programmable processor, dedicated to intensive computing applications for booming markets (datacenter, IA, edge computing, 5G, automotive, etc.).

Innovation has been at the heart of VMware’s DNA for more than twenty years. Through these Silicon Data Awards, I am delighted to see the dynamism of our ecosystem and the quality of the projects presented. The prizes awarded to Kalray salute an innovative and unique technology through its DPU processor, and demonstrate the capacity of our ecosystem to innovate both in hardware and software for more efficient data processing and management. », comments Marc Dollois, Vice-President and General Manager of VMware France, and jury member of the Silicon Data Awards.

Kalray, the only player in Europe to offer a DPU processor

Spin-off from CEA Leti, one of the most advanced laboratories in the semiconductor industry, Kalray has developed a technological lead allowing it to offer a very competitive alternative to mainly American and Chinese players, and is the only player in Europe to offer this type of processor an asset for the digital sovereignty of France and Europe.

The company has already been selected by customers in the Cloud world such as Clever Cloud in France and collaborates with Dell Technologies, the world leader in storage, through a strategic partnership. It also participates in many European collaborative projects such as the EPI project (European Initiative Processor), or the PIRANA and 5G-OPERA projects around 5G. In a recent joint press release, Kalray, 2CRSi, Clever Cloud and Vates also announced their collaboration to equip data centers with sovereign and innovative equipment. A project to develop solutions for Cloud and Edge data center infrastructures around Kalray’s DPU processor and innovative virtualization and software technologies from its partners.

Become a major player in intelligent processing and data management

Kalray aims to become a world leader in intelligent processing and data management. To do this, the company acquired in March 2022 Arcapix Holdings Ltd, a British software publisher specializing in storage and data management solutions, dedicated to intensive computing applications.

“Although the semiconductor industry is dominated by a handful of players – often American, the emergence of new uses and new technologies is reshuffling the cards. During each technological breakthrough, we have seen new players appear who have subsequently become leaders in their field because they have been able to provide a technological response adapted to new needs, which existing solutions could not fully satisfy. I am convinced that Kalray’s technology can enable us to achieve this.

With the acquisition of Arcapix, we can now also offer highly complementary software solutions to meet the changing needs in the world of intensive data storage and processing and accelerate the time to market of our technology. This acquisition strengthens our position in the supercomputing storage market and is perfectly in line with Kalray’s development strategy and ambition, by complementing our products, our teams, our expertise and our markets, and to make Kalray, eventually, a world leader in intelligent processing and data management.», concludes Eric Baissus.


Kalray (Euronext Growth Paris: ALKAL) is a leader in hardware and software technologies dedicated to the management and intensive processing of data from Cloud to Edge. Kalray offers a full range of products and solutions to develop smarter, more efficient and more energy-efficient applications and infrastructure.

Kalray’s offering includes patented DPU (Data Processing Unit) processors, derived from a unique technology, acceleration cards, as well as innovative software solutions for data storage and management. Used separately or in combination, Kalray’s high-performance solutions enable customers to improve data center efficiency or design the best solutions in high-growth industries such as AI, media and entertainment, life sciences, scientific research, edge computing, automotive, and more.

A spin-off from the CEA founded in 2008, Kalray’s industrial and financial investors include Alliance Venture (Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi), NXP Semiconductors and Bpifrance. Kalray is technology, expertise, passion to always offer more: more for a smart world, more for the planet, more for our customers and developers.www.kalrayinc.com


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