Lavelanet. College students visit DR Technologie

A dozen middle school students from the Mirepoix school complex discovered DR Technologie, the cutting-edge Lavalanet SME. The opportunity for these students to enrich themselves during this visit and to live a real immersion in the universe of this innovative company. From the cutting workshops, following that of sewing and welding, the college students followed with interest and understood the process of making safety equipment, transport bags or protective airlocks during nuclear accidents. The college students attended the work of the thirty or so collaborators united like a big family, proud to perpetuate the Ariège know-how and to be able to offer quality and tailor-made safety equipment to their customers, in the nuclear sector in particular. For ten years, DR Technologie has never stopped evolving and innovating in an atmosphere conducive to dialogue and creativity. This tour, naturally guided by Zohra Mokrani, logistics pilot and the workshop supervisors, also allowed the college students to listen to their own career paths, their current missions and the values ​​of the company. Convinced and captivated by the know-how and creativity of the DR Technologie company, the college students also showed curiosity by asking questions, delighted to discuss with these professional employees. This visit was carried out as part of the “Entrepreneurs” scheme coordinated by Lisa-Marie Carlotti and Aline Bryson, teachers at the Mirepoix college. This program helps to develop confidence and self-esteem among college students. The School-Company mission of the CPME Occitanie and the employers’ union Ariège Pyrénées co-organized this visit.

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