LE CREUSOT: When technology and art come together

The members of the FabLab UtoPi went on a cultural outing to the Raymond Rochette house and were able to admire the works of the Creusotin artist with details given by the artist’s children.

In the continuity of the Village des Sciences, the FabLab UtoPi based at the IUT of Creusot invited its members to a cultural outing to the family home and the studio of the painter Raymond Rochette, route de Saint-Sernin on the heights of Creusot.
The “seeing without being seen” demonstration created by the FabLab UtoPi, on the polarization of light and a photo frame for an exhibition, was a pretext to discover the painter’s works on the theme “Factories”.
A visit orchestrated by Florence Amiel and Luc Rochette, the artist’s children, tinged with beautiful emotions around the life and work of Raymond Rochette.

Back in pictures on this evening which took place on Thursday.

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