Le Mans. A new technology at the Pôle Santé Sud to redefine the silhouette

In six months, Dr. Daniel Arnaud performed around twenty liposuctions with the new technology of the Pôle Santé Sud in Le Mans (Sarthe). ©Frédéric JOUVET/Actu Le Mans

the dr Daniel Arnaudplastic surgeon at the Pôle Santé Sud in Le Mans (Sarthe), is fully operational this Friday, January 13, 2023. He has been leading one for more than 4 hours liposuction on a patient who wanted to redraw his silhouette get rid of belly fat

During this operation he was assisted by the dr Jordy Mir, a renowned Spanish surgeon who has come to share his experience so that his French colleague can perfect his technique.

Why is ?

This advanced technology to “shape” the body is used by South Pole Health For six months. The device, called Vaser®, is intended to help the surgeon with liposuction. For the patient of the day, it was about pulling his Section and remove fat from the back. At the end of the operation, the abdominal muscles were already clearly visible.

Surgeon Daniel Arnaud (left) performs liposuction at the South Health Center in Le Mans (Sarthe).
Surgeon Daniel Arnaud (left) performs liposuction at the South Health Center in Le Mans (Sarthe). ©Frédéric JOUVET/Actu Le Mans

Specifically, the surgeon makes drawings on the patient to define the areas to be targeted for surgery. Light incisions are made on the patient, who is under general anesthesia. The surgeon then inserts a probe that produces Ultrasonic. The process allows the fat to be liquefied to facilitate its extraction.

Liposuction can make it possible to widen the waist, emphasize the muscle junction, redraw the muscles of the arms, round the oval of the face or even the buttocks.

“Less Invasive”

The surgical team emphasizes the advantages of this instrument. “Traditional liposuction is more aggressive. It’s faster there, more precise, there are fewer risks and complications,” we are assured. ” That is much less invasive“, confirms doctor Jordi Mir. “It enables results that have never been seen before,” he boasts.

In some patients, the fat is removed can be reinjected B. on the buttocks, shoulders or chest muscles to give the silhouette a more “athletic” look. The surgery results not so much in weight loss (at least not significant weight loss) as in reshaping her body.

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Not suitable for everyone

“Not everyone is necessarily suitable for the operation”, Doctor Daniel Arnaud would like to clarify. “You have to know what you can promise and what not”. Upstream, the patient indicates what he wants.

Doctors Daniel Arnaud, surgeon at the South Pole of Le Mans (Sarthe) and his counterpart from Barcelona, ​​Jordi Mir.
The doctors Daniel Arnaud, surgeon at the Pôle Santé Sud in Le Mans (Sarthe), and his counterpart from Barcelona, ​​​​Jordi Mir. ©Frédéric JOUVET/Actu Le Mans

“We check with him his background, his health problems, whether he has done a lot of weight yo-yos,” lists the surgeon, who takes into account the initial anatomy of the patient.

This technique can be offered to people who lead a healthy lifestyle but “can’t get rid of stubborn fat.” Most patients who resort to this operation do so for aesthetic reasons, for example, due to complexes or after pregnancy.

And then ?

After the operation, the patient should wear compression clothing “for 3-4 weeks” to tighten the operated areas. Follow-up care is guaranteed and post-operative lymphatic drainage is carried out by a physiotherapist or beautician.

When surgeons intervene on the body, they believe the benefits are too psychologically. “This can be an important point to start a new life,” argues Dr. Jordy Mir.

Frédéric JOUVET/News Le Mans
Doctor Daniel Arnaud at the end of the liposuction of his patient, whose abdomen has become more defined. ©Frédéric JOUVET/Actu Le Mans

Nevertheless, in order for the results of the operation to last, a must follow regular sports practice and a balanced diet. “You have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but if you’re at a constant weight, the fat can’t come back. »

Since the introduction of the system 6 months ago, Doctor Daniel Arnaud has recognized about twenty of surgical interventions. If they believe that the operation is more accessible, it will cost the patient several thousand euros. Between 8,000 and 9,000 euros for a tummy tuck, back fat removal and gynecoplasty.

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