Lenovo 14-inch laptop, a compendium of technology

From the heart of recent technologies has emerged the Lenovo laptop with its 14 inches to bring you optimal comfort. Under its dimensions of 35.6 cm you can have access to an optimized web universe so that your user experience is satisfactory!

An innovative tool

the Lenovo 14 inch laptop of the Ultrabook-Ultra portable type brings together both a design of great finesse and a lightweight port. It is a product that has perfectly combined elegance and ease of use for mobility. Belonging to a generation of Chromebook, so-called recent types of computers, it facilitates the completion of your tasks by developing them faster and in a more simplified way than older models. It is governed by the operating system ChromiumOS which is a new alternative to operating systems. Among other things, this allows it to optimally store a huge amount of data in the cloud.

The skills of a great PC

This PC should delight connoisseurs with its 2-in-1 hybrid type! He is a model who sits on horseback between computer and tablet. Its incredible practicality delivers very high performance. A real working tool for professionals, this PC fits well with the times. Its AMD Ryzen 7 5800U processor is the most powerful among other U processors designed by AMD. In particular, it has a number of 8 hearts provided in SMT technology. Moreover, with its RAM of 16 GB, you have incredible RAM to store your temporary information, well above the 4 GB of common use! the Lenovo 14 inch laptop offers moments of hyper-connected navigation as well as a host of skills to exploit many software. It has a storage capacity 512 GB SSD which gives you access to wide possibilities in terms of data retention.

Thanks to this speedster of technology, you can also start a session faster than before and get an even faster connection! So live in an ever more connected world!

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