Leverage technology and real-time to drive in-store traffic

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] With the hybridization of consumption patterns accelerated by Covid, stores must rethink their strategy to generate traffic. This is what Locala helps them do, as explained by its founder and CEO, Christophe Collet.

What is Locala’s mission and what are its solutions?

For more than 10 years, Locala has established itself as a leader in the Drive-to-Store market. We believe that the store is not only a place to sell, but also a place to connect with people and our mission is to drive as much traffic as possible to restaurants, stores and car dealerships.

We are a drive-to-store platform, whose sole purpose is to maximize real-time traffic in points of sale and therefore the turnover of our customers. To do this, our advanced algorithms optimize four dimensions in real time. Our technology defines the dynamic catchment area of ​​each store, identifies the audiences most likely to come to the store and determines the best medium to engage them – because each consumer behavior is different – and finally, we define the most suitable advertising format. . Our technology is able to create marketing campaigns with a single criterion of effectiveness, the store visit.

How do you help companies adapt to the new post-Covid model?

The customer journey and consumption are no longer only digital or in-store, but have evolved towards both at the same time. We help our clients understand this hybridization and take advantage of it, by identifying the right targets, in the optimal areas with the best message on the most suitable medium. Our technology produces insights that help brands understand their catchment area, market share, competitive landscape, and more. If they launch a new service, such as click and collect, we are able to support them in this transition by letting the right people know about the implementation of this service. We also enable our customers to track real-time geo-behavioral trends at the store level and thereby increase their knowledge of the customer and competition.

In this post-Covid world, we have seen a growing shift in buyer habits. Thanks to our geolocation data, we see that customers return to the office, which allows them to expand their shopping possibilities beyond the catchment area of ​​​​their home, but also through schools, offices and others. And we are able to reach them with the right message wherever they are.

In ten years of existence, how has Locala evolved with the market?

Locala has been used for 10 years by more than 600 major brands around the world because we have been able to anticipate both technological and regulatory developments. For example, we have always emphasized the protection of consumer data, and we only apply our technology to people who have consented to receive targeted and location-based advertising. We have evolved by adapting to new consumer habits, using cutting-edge technology. This allows our customers to take advantage of the hybridization of the customer journey, in real time, and which constitutes a real technological breakthrough because it allows them to test new products or services, to launch them quickly and to know immediately what is the impact on their ROI.

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