L’Expression: Continuous news – Birth of the Algerian Association of English for Science and Technology

The Algerian Association of English for Science and Technology was born on Saturday in Algiers. The Association, whose creation date was chosen to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the first school year in independent Algeria (October 1, 1962), was founded by “Education Tech” (a company specializing in the use of new technologies at the service of education and teaching) and Student Web TV.

It has skills from different wilayas of the country and English language inspectors from 30 wilayas, willing to contribute with their educational and administrative experiences to the strengthening of the English language in all cycles of education up to university education and in various fields of science and technology, said the first head of the Association, Lotfi Ghazi.

The Association aims to develop the use and generalization of the English language as a means opening up the prospects of contributing to overall national development and meeting future challenges and issues that require the determination and combined efforts of everyone in service of education and teaching in Algeria, in particular after the introduction of the teaching of the English language from the third year of the primary cycle.

Guest of honor, the president of the High Council of the Arabic language (HCLA), Salah Belaid welcomed the creation of this association, “an initiative to be encouraged in this glorious period of the new Algeria which awaits more initiatives which must be part of the continuity”.

He said he was convinced that the teaching of the English language as an “imperative and strategic” choice is now “an inevitable need to be in tune with modernity and live in the prosperity of this language and without omitting the methodologies, the programs and services it provides to the mother tongue”.

In a communication on the development of education in Algeria since the opening of the first school after independence, Mr. Belaid evoked the new orientation within the framework of the linguistic revival in the new Algeria through the 54 commitments of the President of the Republic who bets on linguistic modernity through the importance of teaching the English language”.

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