[L’instant tech] Robot-dog, drones, exoskeletons… How technologies aim to facilitate maintenance at RATP

At the Saint-Maur-Créteil RER A station, passers-by coming down from the platform do not notice the discreet door at the bottom of the large white staircase. Behind, we discover a completely different place, without daylight, covered in rough concrete and veined with electrical wires and pipes. “This is where our maintenance workers operate”, explains Côme Berbain, Director of Innovation at RATP. The room is a long hallway, wide enough to walk three abreast but too low to stand!

To track down “structural disorders” such as cracks or splinters of concrete, officers must inspect 34,000 structures in the network at least once every five years. In most of them, the height of the ceiling does not exceed 1.40 meters, forcing people to work for hours with their backs bent. A daily life that new technologies, in which the RATP is investing, could soon turn things upside down.

The robot dog, maintenance’s best friend


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