Lioret-Piroux know-how at the cutting edge of technology

Directed today by Jean-François Membrive, director of the site, the Lioret-Piroux d’Épinac company has relatively interesting prospects ahead of it. “We have won two new contracts which will see the light of day in 2023 with prospects for growth of 12 to 15% in turnover for the first project alone”, specifies the site director. Within the Piroux group, where it specializes in the assembly of very thick parts, it manufactures trailer frames for refrigerated trucks, frames for forklifts and electric platforms. Specific parts are also made there, namely plates that go on trucks intended for oil exploration, components for industrial air conditioning, safety parts for cable cars, among others.

new markets

With a 2022 turnover estimated to increase by 20 to 22% compared to 2021, the company…

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