Living with triple negative breast cancer

Throughout the month of October, through the operation Pink Octoberinitiatives are multiplying to raise public awareness of breast cancer and promote early detection.

Breast cancer is the first cancer in women : one in eight women is affected by breast cancer during her lifetime and in 2021 there were nearly 59,000 cases and 12,000 deaths. While many advances have been made in treatment, triple negative breast cancerparticularly aggressive, and which affects about 15% of women with breast cancer (most often under 40), is the subject of specific monitoring.

Geraldine Mayr receives Emilie Daudin, known on social networks under the pseudonym @emiliebrunette, who learned in 2020, when she was 33, that she had triple negative breast cancer. She publishes In my bosom to Plon editions and produced a podcast, Triple Negativewhere she recounts her journey.

She gives us her testimony and talks about the irruption of breast cancer in the life of a woman, its consequences on daily life and the life of a couple, on femininity.

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