Lose weight without dieting: 5 foods to avoid from your breakfast to refine your silhouette 100% naturally and without depriving yourself

We can never repeat it often enough but when we want to say goodbye to your extra pounds, excess is never good! Whether you choose to voluntarily miss breakfast and deprive yourself in the morning (watch out for yo-yo effects) or eat too tasty and too sweet when you wake up, you will not be able to lose weight in either case. Losing weight naturally and without depriving yourself is a question of the right dosage, you just have to find your balance and maintain it over time to gradually slim down your hips, thighs and stomach. And we know how difficult it is to impose a healthy food routine on yourself in the morning when you come back from vacation where breakfast turned half the time into an ultra-gourmet extended brunch. You are given a list of foods to eliminate as much as possible from your breakfast (but without going overboard either!)

Bye bye buttered toast and other delicacies…

As you will have understood, the idea is to minimize these foods as much as possible in the morning because they cause us to gain some weight. However, if you have a crush on a jam sandwich once in a while, then do it without feeling guilty.

We swap our baguette for a super healthy acai bowl and our overly sweet milk drink for a lemon and citrus detox tea, for example. Bye bye spreads, we put on light jams. Exit yogurts that can bloat our intestines, we start with fruit compote.

Here is the list :

  • sandwich bread, brioche bread, baguette bread: they are too fatty, too sweet and very low in fiber
  • toast buttered or topped with spread: it is not satiating and will give you a crisis of cravings at 11am for sure!
  • industrial fruit juice: it contains 3 times more sugar than chopped fruit (and if you can’t do without it, squeeze your oranges in the morning!)
  • powdered proteins: they are mixed with milk drinks in the morning and are often marketed. Choose natural proteins that will give you a real boost in scrambled eggs, for example!
  • refined sugars: it is necessary to bet as much as possible on sugars that are good for the body. We trade the spread for honey or jam which bring a touch of pleasure to breakfast and energy to our body.

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