Lot-et-Garonne: a restaurant manager buys a robot to relieve her servers

Is the solution that restaurateurs will turn to in the years to come? In any case, it is the one chosen by the manager of the Royal in Agen. A waiter robot has appeared. It relieves the waiters and arouses curiosity. Bet (already) won…

Le Royal d’Agen, an Asian restaurant located in Agen-Sud has just acquired a jewel of technology. An astonishing object. An original solution to “relieve the server teams” and arouse the curiosity of customers.

During a visit to an Asian buffet in Mérignac, near Bordeaux, Lisa Chen, a young restaurant manager, saw a service robot for the first time roaming the aisles of a restaurant. She explains: “I was seduced by the concept. This technology facilitates the work of the waiters and animates the restaurant”. She took the time to observe it and learn from it: “There was a real interaction between customers and robots. The dozens of expressions on his face allow a real exchange with customers.

A solution to combine business with pleasure

And, it doesn’t stop there. The manager reveals: “It even has several features such as singing at the customer table when it carries a birthday cake”. Suddenly, a robot has appeared in the bays of the Royal since the start of the school year in September. A way (already successful) for the Agenais restaurant to stand out from the competition. “Word of mouth works very well,” admits Lisa, “since we installed it, customers ask to be served by the robot. It’s new in France, it’s futuristic and modern! On the other hand, in China, many brands such as McDonald’s, KFC or even supermarkets use service robots. You even see them on major TV shows in Asia.”
It should be noted that this “futuristic” technology does not destabilize customers. The same is true for seniors. “It’s great fun to watch him go by! It’s a curiosity, ”says the Agen Maït, all smiles, from the top of her 81 springs.

An investment of €10,000

This technological jewel with a neat appearance (aeronautical quality aluminum) combines design and innovation. Bella Bot, that’s its name, is a service robot designed “to do repetitive tasks”. With his cat’s face, his smile, his 1m30 and his 55kg, he has a large carrying capacity of up to 40kg and moves automatically in the room avoiding obstacles and customers even in a crowded restaurant thanks to three cameras on its neck and frame. According to technical information, no maintenance will be required during the 75,000 km it is capable of covering before a well-deserved retirement. Its cost is more than 10,000€. But the game seems to be worth the candle. “The investment is heavy but the objective is to install a second robot as soon as possible. It spares the waiters while entertaining the customers,” concludes Lisa Chen.

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