Manufactured in Grenoble, these drones like no other are used by the French army

EOS Technology drones are used by the French army. (©EOS Technology)

State-of-the-art technology designed in Grenoble. At the foot of the Alps, a French company manufactures drones which are used by the French army.

Unique drones found in theaters of war around the world.

Lighter drones

EOS technology is a company launched in 2017. This French drone specialist has made a name for itself in a booming market. By developing a drone imagined on the model of a glider, EOS has won over the Defense community.

Jean-Marc Zuliani, general manager of EOS technology explains that “the largest drone we manufacture has a wingspan of 12 meters and weighs 150 kilos. For comparison, other drones weigh between 500 kilos and one ton”.

The managing director mentions the specificity of the company: “Almost all drone manufacturers build airplanes. We are gliders”. A method that increases the discretion of the device during military operations.

A drone that does not kill

It is important to specify that the drones produced by EOS Technology are not sold to the general public. If Jean-Marc Zulliani reveals selling drones to the French army, he does not wish to disclose his list of customers, but confides that his products are “also sold to other armies”.

Nothing “secret”, for the general manager who reassures: “we are not yet flying in area 51”.

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The machines are developed for ISR missions, reconnaissance and aerial surveillance missions. “Drones are not made to kill,” explains the aviation enthusiast.

A production in Grenoble

The Grenoble 2.0 site should open its doors in two months. Based in Bordeaux, the company wanted to settle in Isère because of “aeronautical skills and the presence of renowned universities and high schools“. An expansion of the Grenoble site which will lead to changes.

“We plan to hire around ten people over the next two years and around twenty over the next five years,” says Jean-Marc Zulliani. People will be recruited for the composition of the drones.

A drone for civil security?

Head in the clouds since he was eight years old, Jean-Marc Zulliani is proud of the success of EOS Technology: “our turnover has gone from 100,000 to 2.5 million euros”.

Looking at the horizon, the director general imagines selling drones to civil security despite “extremely restrictive regulations”.

The core business of EOS remains the Defense sector: “one of the founders of the company left the French army to meet a need of the army and to avoid having to use only American drones”.

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