Mastercard and Polygon partner with Power Music Artists on Web3

During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Mastercard announced that it has selected Polygon (MATIC) to host its new Web3 accelerator for music artists.

Mastercard chooses Polygon (MATIC) for its new accelerator

This is a new feat for the Polygon ecosystem that has just enter into a partnership with the payment giant Mastercard. This collaboration is part of the new program for music artists: Mastercard Artist Accelerator.

This announcement was made official on Friday, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas :

Mastercard aims to support singers, DJs or even music producers with this new accelerator, which will be held for the first time next spring when using new Web3 technologies that are available to them. This includes, in particular, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), the operation of which is bringing the concept of intellectual property back into the limelight.

This first edition will thus accompany five artists, and Polygon was selected by Mastercardto provide the tools that make up this program.

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Renowned partnerships

On announcing the collaboration with Mastercard, Ryan Wyatt, CEO of Polygon Studio, shared his vision the added value of Web3 innovations :

β€œWeb3 has the potential to empower a new generation of artists to build a following, make a living, and introduce new means of personal expression and connection on their own terms. Β»

If news of problems with cryptocurrency ecosystems or businesses during this bear market is commonplace, Polygon is instead perceived more for its high-profile partnerships.. Before that there was a stake in the Disney Accelerator, a cooperation with Mercedes-Benz or even the one with meta for creating NFTs on Instagram.

Also note that the Starbucks loyalty program is also hosted on Polygon. Bring all these agreements real use cases for the networkthereby increasing its legitimacy for future partnerships of the same caliber.

Meanwhile, the MATIC course didn’t particularly react to the news, and is trading at around $0.80 while writing these lines.

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