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In the old society, grandparents were considered sources of knowledge. For their wisdom and intelligence, they were the ones everyone turned to when looking for a solution to a problem.

Not only that, in the case of marriages and other circumstances or ceremonies, they were the ones who gave directions. Currently, especially with the advent of technology, these ancient human libraries are gradually losing their role.

Professor Gilbert Malemba Nsakila is an anthropologist. For him, talking about the role of grandparents means talking about heritage, cultural values ​​and also the conservation of this heritage. “The ancients had woven the patterns of life. Given that it is at the cost of multiple experiences that one retains what it takes to live in community. Good manners are passed down from generation to generation. So this heritage practically founds the substrate of the life of individuals in community”.

Thus, being considered as representatives of the ancestors, grandparents, with regard to their experiences, can guide the younger generations. Unfortunately, there are resistances. ”This role appears today as not being able to be fixed because there is interference with the new one. The latter shakes up the old model.

And this new one is not unique. Thus, it is multiple and it offers several attractions, seductions which emanate from several or even from the absence of model”, adds this anthropologist.

The overturned and disrupted pattern

According to Professor Malemba, this new model breaks the chain of maintenance, consultation and transmission of values ​​from the old days to the present day. Thus, the grandparents find themselves in a way dethroned. Because the content of their speeches divides. We do not hear the discourse of the current generation attaching itself to the elders. Rather, they respond to the imperatives of the moment. ”That’s why you see the younger ones giving lessons right now. Whereas in the old days, it was the elders who spoke to the young. And the latter in turn were there to receive and learn”.

He adds that “that’s how you get to the grandparent phase shift. It is that we could get from the grandmother is to this day called as tricks on different social networks”.

Irreplaceable wisdom and intelligence despite technology

This man of science talks about the misdeeds of technology. ”Artificial intelligence is within everyone’s reach. Where there is simple mechanics, there is no wisdom. This is how there are a lot of routs and skids at the moment. Because the internet provides information regardless of age. It can never ensure social control. That is why nothing can replace wisdom”.

Since old people refer to what is old. Thus, they seem to harm in today’s society. They become an obstacle, underlines Malemba Nsakila. ”What they can bring does not correspond to the demands of the hour. And as a result, they are abandoned and sometimes thought of as witches. And this is at the level of adherence to the new. Because, today, we adhere to what is present. This is what makes a break with the past”.

The third age or rejection?

Our source talks about a reality that is eating away at society. “There is a break between the generations. The first withdraws into its lost golden age. And the second is deadlocked halfway. As for the third, she is already lost and trying to find what she can do with herself to find herself. In some countries, for example, you don’t keep old people around you. They are somehow deprived of freedom and locked up in an asylum”.

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