Micro-LED revolution isn’t just for TVs, says Samsung

Samsung strongly believes in micro-LED technology, and not just for its televisions. Its Display branch is convinced that micro-LED is the ideal choice for augmented reality.

Micro-LED has been presented for years as the technology of the future for our televisions. This solution combines the advantages of OLED and LCD, bringing together the best of both worlds. Samsung is a big believer in this screen technology and already offers a few models, like its rival LG. The two firms oppose each other while ordinary mortals watch this battle from afar. Indeed, the technology remains of the future and inaccessible with prices that easily exceed 100,000 euros.

Nevertheless, its future looks bright and it is not intended only for our televisions. For Samsung Display, micro-LED is the ideal choice for augmented reality, surpassing OLED. Samsung Display Manager Kim Min-woo believes micro-LED technology is the future for augmented reality devices. “To achieve augmented reality, a high-brightness screen is needed”, explains the leader. Micro-LED does indeed appear to be an effective option, with a much higher brightness peak than OLED.

Brighter and lighter than OLED

Samsung Display, however, continues to work on manufacturing OLED panels for virtual reality devices. Apple and several firms – which would be among the customers of the South Korean giant – would however have asked the specialized branch to accelerate the development of micro-OLED screens. For Kim Min-woo, it is nevertheless necessary to make the distinction between augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality. He recalls that the approach is radically different and that “unlike VR, which is disconnected from reality, AR must have high luminance, light weight and small screen size, because it must implement outdoor images”. Devices dedicated to augmented reality are actually designed for outdoor use; superimposing elements of the virtual on the real world.

This is where the benefits of micro-LED can make all the difference. This technology goes further than OLED by offering better brightness, greater definition and longer life. Similarly, the micro-LED seems better suited to offer more compact devices. One can think in particular of connected glasses.

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