Microsoft is permanently disabling Internet Explorer this Wednesday

“Internet Explorer 11 is retiring and will no longer be supported starting June 15, 2022.” This is the message displayed on Microsoft’s download site prompting users to upgrade to Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft announced this change in May 2019. Created in 1995, the historic browser was considered too slow by many Internet users who preferred Firefox (from Mozilla), Chrome (from Google), or Safari (Apple). Thus, just 0.64% of internet browsing was done from Internet Explorer in May 2022 worldwide, according to figures from the Statcounter site reported by BFMTV. And Microsoft Edge, which takes over, does not do much better with only 3.99% market share.

Launched in 2015, Microsoft Edge already equips all PCs since 2016, recalls La Voix du Nord. For those who don’t have it yet and want to use it, go to
Microsoft’s website to download it.


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