Microsoft plans to continue investing heavily in OpenAI

Given the power and impact OpenAI’s technology could have, Microsoft is poised to write another multi-billion dollar check.

The conversation robot ChatGPT from the artificial intelligence specialist has been in use for a few weeks Open AI ignite the web. Social networks have captured the phenomenon and there is lively debate about what impact such technology could have on our future. Determined not to miss this technological turning point, Microsoft has already indicated that the company will implement ChatGPT in some of its products.. To go even further, the Redmond-based company would be willing to invest heavily in OpenAI again.

Microsoft wants to release 10 billion for Open AI

They are the specialists of the site semaphore that reveal the intentions Microsoft towards ChatGPT. Allegedly, talks are underway about a major investment by the American giant in the start-up OpenAI.

After Microsoft has already pumped $1 billion into the company, Microsoft could invest up to $10 billion again in the coming days.

A multi-level agreement

In order not to let OpenAI escape from its fold, Microsoft would have offered the start-up a deal that would allow it to recover 75% of the profits generated by OpenAI, while recovering its 10 billion investment, which would be made in several Stages.

Once its investment has paid off, the Redmond firm would reap only 49% of OpenAI’s profits, 49% would go to other investors involved in the project, and the remaining 2% to OpenAI, which, remember, is a company. benefit.

ChatGPT in Microsoft products

Discussions on this investment are nearing completion, having started a few weeks ago. Microsoft confirms that it intends to put OpenAI technology at the heart of its ecosystem. After the announcement of the implementation of ChatGPT on Bingwould Redmond also consider using it to enhance the Office suite.

In any case, ChatGPT has very specific ideas for improving Microsoft’s products. When asked how Bing could be improved, the talking robot gave us some ideas:

“There are several ways Microsoft could improve Bing to make the search engine more efficient and useful to users. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Improve the relevance of search results by using more advanced natural language processing algorithms to understand user queries and provide more relevant results.
  2. Integrate voice search and speech recognition capabilities to make it easier for users to search.
  3. Add data visualization capabilities to make search results clearer and easier to understand.
  4. Integrate additional data sources to increase the quantity and quality of information provided.
  5. Add customization features so users can tailor search results to their personal preferences.
  6. Improve analytics tools so users can track the effectiveness of their paid search campaigns.
  7. Offer mobile users a tailored search experience.

It’s important to note that improving a search engine is an ongoing process that requires constant analysis of usage data to understand users’ needs and expectations and to develop features to meet them. ยป

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