Miracle, coincidence or misunderstood mechanism? Diving into unexplained healings

Disabled and sick pilgrims in Lourdes, in 1948. www.bridgemanimages.com/Bridgeman Images

DECRYPTION – Immunity, placebo effect or lifestyle could be at the origin of these mysteries that medicine does not understand.

“I followed for fifteen years a patient carrying a glioblastoma frontal, one of the malignant tumors with the most aggressive expansion, resistant to treatment and whose evolution is very rapidly fatal. (…) However, the tumor has stopped growing. Overnight, with no one able to provide a rational explanation.”says Antoine Sénanque, writer and neurologist, author of Brain disappointed me a lot. The mind, no (Editions Trédaniel La Maisnie).

Cases of spontaneous healing of serious illnesses, such as that reported by the neurologist, remain extremely rare. In 1993, a bibliographical review listing all the published cases retained the figure of 1,574 cases of spontaneous remission between 1864 and 1992, of which more than 70% concerned cancers. “These published cases are only the tip of the iceberg (…). How many cases have never been published in medical journals, self-censored for fear of ridicule?wonders the Dr Jeffrey Rediger, teacher…

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