Mr. Martin (Adiut): “A quarter of the IUTs on site will have difficulties deploying the 3rd year of BUT”

What is your first assessment today after the start of the GOALS in 2021?

Today we can say that the BUT is a diploma that quickly found its goal, with regard to the stabilization of applications on Parcoursup. Which was not easy for a diploma created three years ago that could leave families and students questioning their choice.

For the first year of University Bachelor of Technology, in 2021, The level of application was identical to what we had for the last DUT recording in 2020-2021, which was very high. And it remained that high at the beginning of the 2022 school year.

However, this stability hides two movements : a significant increase in applications from STMG specialist baccalaureate and baccalaureate graduates for our tertiary areas, but a relative decrease in applications for our production areas.

Martial Martin (ADIUT): “We are putting professionalization back at the heart of organizing IUTs”

How do you explain this drop in applications for industrial sectors?

First, We are seeing a decline in the pools of STI2D high school seniors who feed our education in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial maintenance engineering – and STL candidates, very present in the ABERs in chemical engineering, chemical engineering, etc.). However, these pools were a priority under the reform.

We are seeing a decline in the pools of STI2D high school seniors. However, they were priorities under the reform.

This worries us for the industrial sectors within the IUT. We are also concerned about sectors that are threatened by a shortage of graduates in production and industrial occupations.

Next, we notice, without having foreseen it, an effect of the reform of the general high school, especially in mathematics. We observe that high school students turn much less to mathematics, but also to natural sciences and engineering.

So you’re having trouble completing your GOAL training in certain areas?

Yessome IUTs are even forced to close first-year training groups. For example, in my Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing department at the IUT in Troyes, I had to reduce the training groups from three to two.

We also observe a paradox in the area of ​​ecology, because young people today are sensitive to climate issues We do not have a significant influx of students towards our GOAL Transition and Energy Efficiency Professions (MT2E). The groups are not full, which is a shame as the career opportunities after graduation will be significant.

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Is Pap Ndiaye’s announcement of the return of math to high school a good signal?

I don’t know if that will be enough. Structural problems remain, such as the lack of mathematics teachers whose trend is confirmed. The idea of ​​the previous university reform was – to be honest – to counteract this strong and declining trend among mathematics teachers.

However, if young people are not oriented towards science and technology, Our country will miss a series of transformations : the decarbonization of industry and services, the transformation of the energy mix, etc.

If young people are not oriented towards science and technology, Our country will miss a series of transformations.

There is undoubtedly work to be done to reinvent technology in college, and a work to “degender” access to math and science in high school. resulting in alienation of science from high school girls.

Has academic multidisciplinarity been in danger since the Abitur reform?

The creation of the BUTs aimed to professionalize young graduates. How is that translated?

We have reinforced the professionalizing dimension of our diploma by increasing the participation of professionals in the training. The number of hours worked by professionals is increasing in the IUTs and we are targeting 25% with the introduction of the third year of BUT.

This development clearly places us in an area and crystallizes our collaboration with socio-economic actors. Two thirds of the educational activities of the BUT program are written nationally and one third is defined locally with economic actors.

So in Saint Nazaire, the IUT will align industrial maintenance technology with the needs of shipbuildingpassing from Blagnac towards aviation maintenance. But without returning to the principle of a national diploma that must remain identifiable by recruiters anywhere in France.

Do the IUTs have sufficient resources to implement this GOAL reform?

We were pleased to learn of the increase in the budget allocated to universities in the face of inflation. We are now conducting an internal dialogue with the universities so that the IUTs receive their additional share of this state funding. We don’t want to fall back on our own resources that have to finance the third year.

Universities are committed to delivering the third year of BUT in 2023-2024 with constant human and financial resources. We take great care to ensure that the number of teachers in the IUTs does not decrease and we remind the universities of that.

We wouldn’t understand that at a time when the state is clearly reaffirming its priorities when it comes to higher education – namely the first professional phase. the university does not at least meet the commitments it has made. The expectations of students and families and the needs of companies should even invite us to work on their development.

Will you be able to use the third year of BUT 2023 in all IUTs equally?

We know that locally A quarter of IUTs will have difficulty deploying the third year of BUT. There is a historically related understaffing. Since I took over the presidency of the Adiut in 2021, I have repeatedly stressed that the ministry needs to allocate additional human resources to a certain number of IUTs that are already struggling to train bac+2 technicians.

Given the increase in student groups, we estimate the additional costs for these IUTs at approx. 36 million euros. We call on the state to take over 150 positions, which is 12 million euros or a third of the needs of the strained IUT, so that we can implement this reform everywhere evenly and territorially.

The Court of Auditors recently warned of the very high cost of investing in learning. Shouldn’t things be streamlined?

This is necessary given the commitments made between the Ministry, the Dgesip, the French universities and the Adiut Maintaining the levels of support for learning established by France Competencies or at least not planing them too much.

We are asking the state to take over 150 positions, which corresponds to 12 million euros or a third of the voltage needs of the IUT.

The IUTs commit to developing their own resources to fund the third year of the BUT, particularly through dual degree programs. If the state subsidies for training are reduced and we also cut subsidies for companies, Funding the rest to deploy this third year of GOAL will be difficult.

It would be paradoxical if the IUTs were to cut the number of study places due to a lack of support from the regulatory body at the university or ministry level. IIt would also be unthinkable to reduce the number of students accommodated at IUT as we enter the third year of GOAL!

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