Multiroom technology, by Bang & Olufsen

Invented 40 years ago by high-end audio specialist Bang & Olufsen, Multiroom technology makes it possible to create a complete and immersive sound experience throughout the home thanks to smart and connected speakers. Thus, the music follows the user in all his movements, from the living room to the kitchen through the bedroom.

Bang & Olufsen loudspeakers are designed to enhance the decor as well as the listening experience. After a day’s work, the top-of-the-range brand puts state-of-the-art technology at the service of relaxation: the user returns home and, with a simple touch on his smartphone or tablet, launches his favorite playlist which will follow him in all his domestic journeys. This personalized and immersive experience is possible thanks to Multiroom technology: a sophisticated system that allows all the speakers in the house to be connected to each other using the Wi-Fi network. Multiroom speakers make it possible to create a flexible configuration , which corresponds to the user’s preferences in terms of home entertainment: he can listen to the same music from his living room to his kitchen, but also pair two identical speakers in stereo for an enriched sound experience.

Many Bang & Olufsen speakers feature Multiroom functionality, especially since the brand introduced the Beolink software update. This now allows a wide range of products spanning several decades to interact in perfect harmony, from the loudspeakers, hi-fi systems and turntables that made the brand famous in the 1980s to its latest models without thread.

Among the compatible speakers is the iconic A9 and its customizable iconic design. Timeless and of great elegance, it broadcasts powerful sound thanks to its 480-watt digital amplifier system, which will fill the living room or bedroom with expertly calibrated sound waves. The A9 speaker is perfectly compatible in Multiroom with, for example, the Level portable Wi-Fi speaker. It can be moved from one room to another and used in a horizontal or vertical position, so that its ultra-modern and discreet design adapts to all environments. The electrifying Beosound Balance and its tactile and luxurious materials will join the experience, and in turn will deliver sculpted, enveloping and omnidirectional sound. Other Bang & Olufsen speakers are also equipped with Multiroom technology, for an ever more complete and immersive experience.

With the Beolink Multiroom update, new intuitive features have been introduced, for an enriched and simplified user experience. As easy to use as a switch, the One Touch to Music function allows the user to play their music without using their phone. All it takes is a simple touch of the finger on a speaker or the remote control to start playback from the source of your choice: turntable, CD player or streaming service.
For those moments when you listen to the radio in your kitchen before going to the living room or bedroom, Touch to Join allows you to listen to music on the go. The user only has to touch the speaker or activate it via the remote control to start playback in a new room.

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