Nanoparticles: not seen, not taken, that’s enough!

In the 2000s, nanoparticles appeared, which, as their name suggests, are in the nanometer range, i.e. on the order of a billionth of a metre, making them able to penetrate our cells and lodge in certain organs with potential health accumulate effects. Because of this, for 10 years any food or cosmetic product containing nanoparticles must be labeled as such, the mention of the reference “[nano]» Appear clearly before the name of the ingredient. one report by AVICENN, the Association for Monitoring and Citizen Information on the Challenges of Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, published on Thursday, December 15, 2022, shows the presence of nanoparticles of silver, iron, copper, titanium dioxide or silica in no less than 20 out of 23 everyday products that should contain it !

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Invisible nanos everywhere

Hair-dye spray, highlighter powder, and “pearl” makeup all risk inhaling Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles ; A lip balm and a simple medicinal tablet make us take it without knowing it … There are also undeclared silver nanoparticles in menstrual panties, toothbrushes or bactericidal masks. And even the cosmetics labels that are somewhat protective for us (such as “COSMOS Natural”), which are supposed to guarantee the absence of nanos, would not be so much: A labello stick marked in this way turned out to be included, according to AVICENN Iron Oxide Nanoparticles and titanium dioxide “Probably derived from the dyes indicated on the product packaging (CI77891 and CI77492) »… And there is worse on the food side, on the side of salts, cocoa, spices, infant formula powder and even cured ham: we take, always without our knowledge, silica nanoparticles because they are part of the composition of a food additive (E551). Extrapolating from one of the products tested, the association estimates that a single bowl of soup could contain up to 40 mg of silica, or billions of nanoparticles!

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Regulatory blur

Is it the fault of unscrupulous manufacturers? Not always. Some, the report said, were surprised by the report’s findings that the nanoparticles appeared to come from their raw materials, which they say they ignore contain nanos. That is. Still other manufacturers suggest questionable practices through their radio silence, such as the undeclared use of nanoparticles. Finally, between the two, there are those who take advantage of the legislation, which is somewhat vague. go back to the food additive E551, it’s exempt from the nano label… for the simple reason that it no longer needs to appear on the ingredients list! Any additive that goes into the composition of another additive is now exempt from display (and E551 goes straight into the composition of Ham Nitrites !) or is present with less than 1% of the weight of the product (which is mostly the case for the products considered, where it only plays the role of anti-caking agent, etc.). Since E551 isn’t labeled as an additive, it probably won’t be labeled for the nanos that make it up!

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The nanos are anyway very difficult to spot, manufacturers don’t seem very keen on informing consumers that we are. Especially since they don’t risk much, other than a simple reminder of the law, if they don’t obey it. The legislation also protects their interests so well that it’s impossible to know the names of the companies using nanos (although in theory they must be in the R-Nano register), because of “company and business secrets”. It is also impossible (in order not to affect competition between manufacturers!) to know exactly which products it was checked by the DGCCRF (Fraud Department) which would usefully identify which ones don’t contain one. Nanos are everywhere now, even where they’re supposedly not, but so far the authorities don’t seem to care too much about the issue…

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Source : Report of the AVICENN association “ In order to [nanos] for everyday productsDecember 2022

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