NanoTemper Technologies Announces Monolith X Equipped with Revolutionary Spectral Shift Technology, Enabling Binding Affinity Measurements Where Other Methods Fail

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, California, September 21, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NanoTemper Technologies has launched Monolith X, adding revolutionary spectral shift technology to its leading Monolith product line, praised by scientists for its easy setup of binding affinity measurements without downtime and its minimum requirements for samples. Monolith X combines two biophysical modalities — spectral shifting and microscale thermophoresis — giving scientists the means to measure all types of binding interactions they encounter.

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“We hear from scientists saying that they are not able to get results on linkages. This situation is happening more and more often — whether with difficult interactions or samples that are inherently unstable and tend to aggregate, or their target has specific buffer zone requirements,” shared Tanja Bartoschik, lead produced at NanoTemper. “Spectral shifting is particularly suitable for handling these types of situations, so we’re excited to finally bring it to scientists so they can be more successful in measuring binding affinities.” »

For other scientists, validating results with more than one method is essential to making informed decisions about their projects. For them, Monolith X is the orthogonal method of choice — not only because it complements SPR results with immobilization bias-free data, but also because it’s easy to set up analyzes quickly.

Monolith X is the solution scientists rely on to characterize even the most delicate molecular interactions without the limitations imposed by other methods.

Find out why scientists choose Monolith X to measure binding affinities:

About NanoTemper Technologies

At NanoTemper Technologies, our mission is to create biophysical tools for scientists in the drug discovery and development sectors, who must manage complex characterizations. We are passionate about working alongside scientists who strive to make things happen. If you’re having trouble with affinity selection, molecular interactions, protein stability, protein expression, or protein quality, let’s talk.

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