NEAT King Bee II – XLR Microphone Review

Turtle Beach has just expanded its range of microphones in Europe by launching its range NEAT. The mic NEAT King Bee II stands out as the flagship of this range. We tested this new XLR reference on SITEGEEK.

  • Exceptional versatility and audio quality: The King Bee II offers exceptional versatility and audio quality and…
  • Crystal Clarity – Capture crystal clarity and depth with the King Bee II’s precision capsule and …
  • Capture Every Nuance – The exclusive 34mm large-diaphragm gold-tone condenser capsule with a unique plate structure…




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Available for a few months in the land of Uncle Sam, the NEAT products landed in our regions this May 10, 2022. Launched by Turtle Beach, the NEAT range includes the King Bee II and Worker Bee II microphones with XLR connection as well as the Bumblebee II and Skyline with USB connection.

Today, I just tested on some videos the King Bee II in order to form an objective opinion on this tool available for €169.99. At this priceit is positioned in a relatively high range of amateur XLR productssince, for comparison, the Avermedia MIC 330 microphone that I presented to you recently costs barely 100 euros.

Let’s see how this prestigious microphone justifies its price.

King Bee II box set

A new microphone at the editorial office! But beware, without a pre-amp or without a stream deck, you won’t do anything with an XLR microphone!

Packaging and contents of the NEAT microphone King Bee II

From the start, the NEAT King Bee II microphone tumbles with reassuring tunes. The box, the contents, the protective foams, everything is perfectly packed and sealed as we like it. Everything exudes quality. As usual with this kind of product, don’t expect to find gadgets and frills all over the place, it’s good minimal duty that you will have to settle for. In the box you will find:

  • The Neat King Bee II large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone
  • The shock mount
  • The honeycomb pop filter
  • The Quick Start Guide

If you are looking for an XLR cable, a USB cable (which would be useless but good…), a support leg or another ally for stability or connection, you will have to return to the nearest creamery. With this kind of product, each element is often chosen by the user and tends not to be an integral part of the packs.

King Bee II Pack Contents

Content reduced to its simplest expression.

Assembly and first contact with the NEAT King Bee II

Good material

Assembly of the NEAT King Bee II takes only 30 seconds. Logical since it will suffice to integrate it into the shockproof filter. The next step will be to attach it to a foot via your foot ring. Once fixed, you will have to connect via an XLR cable in an amplifier or in a box like Stream Deck like the LIVE Streamer that I presented to you recently.

Anyway, if the assembly is very simple, you must absolutely keep in mind that this kind of microphone XLR is not standalone and is designed to integrate an ambitious setup composed of each independent element and generally relatively expensive.

usb xlr tips

USB on the left, XLR on the right…

A technology to handle delicately

XLR technology offers superior quality to a USB solution, but it requires more skill and equipment. In short, USB does everything, all by itself. the XLR only focuses on receiving sound, delegating everything else to peripheral tools.

Finally, be careful if you go through a Stream Deck because you must make sure that the latter supports the management of a +48V phantom power. To put it simply, in a mixing console or a microphone pre-amplification box, thephantom power allows you to connect microphones that require electrical current. This is the case of the NEAT King Bee II.

I was surprised at first and even after setting up my stream deck correctly, I wasn’t happy with the result. The reason is simply that the gain setting had to remain at “0”. Otherwise, the rendering of my voice would saturate.

King Bee II Streamdeck avermedia

You will need to be equipped with a stream deck or a pre-amplifier box to use your King Bee II.

NEAT sound update

beautiful promises

Turtle Beach and NEAT promise incredible versatility without sacrificing recording quality. From vocals, percussion, electric guitars, pianos and acoustic instruments, they are meant to shine with the King Bee II. Finally, for streaming or podcasting, the sound captured is announced as clear, rich and deep. These somewhat vague promises take on their full meaning after a few tries. The sound is indeed very pure and all the devices that equip the object play a major role.

Thereby, Honeycomb pop filter controls ‘plosives’ and ensures accurate, clutter-free pickup. The reason cardioid polar picks up the sound you want while eliminating those you do not want to save. He is very precise and isolates your voicewithout being disturbed by untimely peripheral nuisances.

The fact that the microphone is supported in the shock mount provides additional security and protection from interference. And finally, its category A electronic circuit and its large diaphragm condenser capsule (34 mm) spun in gold allow the King Bee II to transcribe what it picks up with great authenticity. It is certainly this realism of the recording that impresses the most. For more technical explanations of the genre, do not hesitate to visit the official Neat King Bee II | Neat Microphones.

Technical characteristics of the King Bee II

For the most enlightened, here is the pedigree of the bee!

The NEAT King Bee II on the test bench

I suggest you two videos recorded with the King Bee II. In the first, I made the mistake of raising the gain level to about “+20”. This had the effect of saturating the recording. In the second, I left the Gain on “0”, and the rendering corresponds more to what we are entitled to expect.

The first extract recorded with NEAT King Bee II, gain on “+20”: From 49 seconds.

The second extract with NEAT King Bee II, gain on “0”: From 32 seconds.

king bee 2 face bee

We will have to talk about the flat side, and not the curved side of the microphone…

the Does NEAT King Bee II deliver on its promise of excellence?

This new range of NEAT products sends heavy. With the NEAT King Bee II, it offers itself a reference XLR model which proudly wears the colors of a brand on which it will now be necessary to count when it comes to considering quality at an affordable price.

Do not hesitate to share your recording solutions in the comments,

See you soon on SITEGEEK,


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