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There are many foods that you should never give your cat. Some can be very dangerous to your health!

As with dogs, for example, there are many foods that he does not like should never be given to your cat. And for causethese can be very dangerous for them health. So you have to be very careful.

Foods you should never give your cat

Contrary to what one might think, there are some foods that pets cannot eat. When we know never to give chocolate With dogs, for example, there are more misunderstandings with the cat.

However, this does not mean that the cat can eat anything and everything. On the other hand. There are certain foods that never give it to him. And with good reason, some can be very dangerous to them health.

When you adopt a pet, you need to give it all the love and care it needs. It is therefore necessary to be very careful not to introduce it Danger from certain foods.

There are 10 foods you should never give your cat. First of all, you should know that you should not do this Never give them a lawyer. When you’ve made a small slice of bread and a piece of avocado falls to the ground, you need to pick it up quickly

In fact, this food contains persin, making it a very Toxic to your cat. This can damage his heart and lungs and cause inflammation of his pancreas. But that’s not all.

Eliminate products from their diet

Avocado is also known to cause edema and shortness of breath in cats. It is therefore necessary to ban this fruit from his lining. It is also the case for onions. Regardless of their form, he must not consume them.

Sulfur compounds have terrible effects on your cat’s white blood cells. This can lead to vomiting and anemia. As with dogs, they shouldn’t especially not to eat chocolate.

This can lead to muscle tremors and cramps, and death if overdosed. Contrary to popular belief, you should not give raw pork to your cat.

And for good reason, food can contain that virus Aujeszky called “pseudo-anger”. This can lead to neurological disorders. the Bones also prove to be very dangerous for your cat. Fragments can get stuck in his throat.

This can therefore distort terrible damage to his intestinal walls. You must therefore be very careful never to give your cat a bone. the eggplant and tomatoes are also dangerous foods for your hangover.

In fact, these vegetables are very often responsible for cardiac arrhythmias in cats. Be careful that the latter does not consume it and does not bite into your salads.

You should never give milk to your animal

The cat shouldn’t eat either raw poultry. Always make sure it is heated. This kills bacteria such as salmonella, which can cause serious health problems.

Also, know that your cat shouldn’t do not eat legumes or cabbage. These are difficult-to-digest foods that can cause bloating or diarrhea. This can lead to dehydration and serious health problems.

the Leeks are also very poisonous for cats. It is often responsible for the poisoning of the latter. So be very careful. Finally, you should know that you shouldn’t give him milk either.

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