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Some of the technologies that are offered with vehicles today are absolutely stunning. And because things are changing at breakneck speed, each new model generation introduces us to sometimes incredible elements.

So much so that one wonders what will be the next innovation. We often speculate on this, particularly with regard to autonomous driving, for example. It’s easy to imagine journeys between home and work without having to lift a finger.

We can even imagine the day when flying taxis will criss-cross the sky. However, what follows may surprise you a bit. In fact, it is that Toyota is studying a hitchless towing technology.

Yes, you read that right ; one vehicle pulls another without the latter being attached. In the video that demonstrates the feat, we can see two Sienna vans demonstrating it to us. The first is the one that dictates the pace to the second, which is equipped with an artillery of sensors, is content to follow it obediently.


Realistic? Maybe not at the moment, but who knows for the future. One could easily imagine a square trailer, a box, whatever, being equipped to follow our vehicle and just do it when asked.

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We can also wonder about the risks of theft and piracy. Would that be riskier or less risky than with current trailers?

You can be sure that yours truly, when he attends his next Toyota event, will find out from the engineers about this technology being tested.

You can’t stop progress, as the saying goes.

The two Toyota Siennas that follow each other


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